4 Tips to Remember on How to Buy the Right Kayak for You

4 Tips to Remember on How to Buy the Right Kayak for You

When you ask how to buy the right kayak for you, it is first important to consider the condition of the water where you are most likely to use it. Choose a boat that can handle the type of water you are most likely to encounter during your kayaking trips.

There are several factors to take into account before buying the right kayak. It includes the type of kayak for your water adventure, the kayak design, and dimensions, as well as the additional features you might need or find useful.

The following are the basic and essential tips on how to buy the right kayak to make sure you get the best for your kayaking needs.

Determine the Type of Kayak for You

There are a lot of kayak types available. They each have specific characteristics for its use. It is essential to know all the different types of kayaks in the market for you to determine how to buy the right kayak for your specific needs.

  • Recreational Kayaks

Recreational kayaks are considered to be the all-around type of kayak. These are designed for use in mild river trips and casual kayaking activities on ponds and bays. These kayaks are wider which make them easier to turn, but they can also be harder to track.

  • Touring Kayaks

Touring kayaks are designed for extended use during wilderness trips. While these kayaks are long, they are extremely stable and also have a good carrying capacity. The length allows it to track well and stay on a straight track effectively. However, this is also what makes this type of kayak a little difficult to turn.

Touring kayaks are also called sea kayaks. Some models of this kind of kayak are lighter with lesser storage space which makes it better when it comes to maneuverability.

  • Downriver Kayaks

Downriver kayaks are considered to be specialty boats. They are designed for quick travel into the water. These kayaks are mostly used for racing. Downriver kayaks are very long and narrow which makes them a little too tippy compared to other types of kayaks. The straight keel of this kind of kayak allows it to track effectively. However, they can be difficult to turn.

4 Tips to Remember on How to Buy the Right Kayak for You1

  • Whitewater Kayaks

This kind of kayak is designed to have an exceptional maneuverability to negotiate rapids. They are usually built to be shorter compared to other kayak types and can either have flat planning hulls or rounded bottoms. They also have an upturn in the end parts to deal with the waves.

Determine the Right Kayak Size

When you think of how to buy the right kayak for you, the next thing to consider is choosing the ideal kayak size for your type of kayaking activity. The size and dimension of a kayak play a huge role regarding its maneuverability.

  • Width of Kayak

Choosing the width of the kayak is important on how to buy the right kayak since it influences the handling characteristics of the kayak. The width of the kayak means stability. The wider it is, the more stable it becomes. However, handling can sometimes be sacrificed with the extra width of the kayak. While it can increase the carrying capacity of the kayak, it will take more effort to paddle wide kayaks.

  • Length of Kayak

There are certain advantages of having a long kayak. The greater the length of the kayak, the easier it is to paddle, and it is more stable. It is also more capable when it comes to carrying heavy loads without lessening its performance. Long kayaks also move faster, glide farther, and can track better.

4 Tips to Remember on How to Buy the Right Kayak for You1

Choose your Preferred Hull Shape

The hull shape is another thing that is important on how to buy the right kayak. Hulls that have flat bottoms, greater flare, and hard chines can increase the stability of a kayak. On the other hand, kayaks which have round hulls, less flare, and soft chines are less stable but can be easier to roll when they happen to tip over.

Kayaks that feature a small bow shaped like a V can be fast because this type of bow can slice into the water instead of piling it all up in the front of the boat.

Other Kayak Features

  • Symmetry

The symmetry of a kayak can affect its efficiency when moving in the water and its ability to turn. Symmetrical kayaks offer quick maneuvering. Asymmetrical kayaks, on the other hand, usually have lengthened and streamlined bow which makes it more efficient when passing into the water. It increases the directional control but decreases the turning ability.

Use these as a guideline on how to buy the right kayak and get the best one to enjoy a kayaking activity. Don’t hesitate to read other kayaking tips on our website too.