The Best Accessories for Kayak Fishing

Now that you’ve got a kayak and of course a fishing gear. Are you ready for kayaking? Not yet. First, you need to know about accessories for kayak fishing. Most people have come up with different opinions about these accessories. However, we offer you the most basic in our exhaustive list.

Accessories for Kayak Fishing


  • Waterproof headlamp – this is very vital especially with unforeseen future, the night might be creeping in without your knowledge and everything goes dark. Having a magnificent flashlight like headlamp will help you signal and caution your colleagues of your presence as well as keeping you closely with them. It also acts as a safety equipment to prevent any unanticipated collision at night. It is advisable to have a light pole that remains on throughout the night if you intend to fish in the dark.
  • Paddle – your kayak needs a bit of propelling. If you ask someone who has ever slipped a paddle, you will get to know hand paddling is not that easy. Therefore, before making a choice, consider testing a few paddles first.
  • PFD – make sure you have this in place and you feel comfortable to put it on throughout. It will help you in case unexpected happens.
  • Whistle – a whistle or air horn is necessary. Remember to keep a loud signaling device attached to your PFD. Just in case you get separated with your kayak, you can still warn other vessels of the situation.
  • Fishing license – you have to follow the local regulations depending on where you’re fishing. Always carry your license with you, preferably, pin it to your PFD for ease.
  • Waterproof storage equipment – sometimes, due to unavoidable circumstances, everybody ends up in the water. To safeguard your phone, keys and other equipment from being damaged by water, you need a dry bag or plastic container unless your boat has a wallet hatch.
  • First aid kit – have a small basic kit on a wallet hatch or waterproof container. It is light and portable, yet it can save your breath for another day. Never ignore, carry one with you as it is very important.
  • Food and water – carry something to keep you strong and lively, especially if you go for long unintentionally.
  • Float plan – it is always a good idea to have someone knows your whereabouts and when you will be back. In case you are delayed, they can check on you easily if anything happened.
  • Right attire– put on an attire that matches the weather conditions such as sunglasses, waders etc. poor planning might ruin your day.
  • Control – when you get your first catch, don’t let it to lead you. Control the fight and led the fish swing to your grasp. If you get into the weeds, paddle back with one hand while holding the rod with the other and use your body as a pivot.
  • Learn your ride – learn the capabilities of your kayak. Do this preferably in a calm pond or shallow waters. Take it and determine the extent you can lean it before it tips. Climb it back and keep doing it until it is easy.
  • Knife – it is required if you’re using an anchor. You might get stuck and need to cut the anchor line as fast as possible to safeguard against swamping.


There are other essentials you might find useful, but not so basic. A good example is a friend. You may need someone to uphold you catch count or take home unfortunate news if you are drowned!

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