Benefits of River Fishing Kayaks


It is but natural for fishing enthusiast to agree that the most peaceful and soothing outdoor sport is angling and the biggest thrill in life is the first large catch. In recent years, river fishing kayaks have gained popularity and are a more preferred option. To list some of their advantages:

  • More affordable than fishing boats
  • Less expense on towing fuel cost, launch fees and insurance
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Accessible to any water body

Why is a Fishing Kayak preferable?

rive kayak

Creeks and Rivers are often the better places to fish. Since these waters tend to be shallow at lower areas and very often are winding, a kayak is the most convenient option. Even for fishing in higher elevation, kayaks are preferred for their stability and easy maneuvering ability. To add to the advantages, a kayak can enable an angler to fish in sections of the river that are not easily accessible with other crafts.

Choosing a River Fishing Kayak

As everything that has multiple choices, it is not easy to pick up a kayak. After weighing the pros and cons, it is always best to choose one that suits your situation. Consider your requirements and choose wisely in terms of serious angling.

There is no point in picking up one that is cheaper if it doesn’t serve your purpose.

A fishing kayak is specifically designed to suit the function of angling only. A few of the types of fishing kayaks are:

  • Sit In Kayak – these are preferable for long fishing trips as they are more comfortable when used for long periods of time. But they are not very convenient for fishing while standing as they become unbalanced and extremely difficult to manage.
  • Sit On Top kayak – for anglers who love to stand and fish, they are an amazing experience. Fishing while standing, gives the angler a leverage of catching bigger fish. The only drawback is that they are not very comfortable for sitting or storage, and cannot be used for long fishing trips.
  • Tandem Kayak – are perfect for a trip for two anglers. In a way, these can be very advantageous as most tandem kayaks are designed as SOTs. This gives the occupants the option of taking turns in standing while the other one sits, thus enabling them to enjoy both styles of fishing.


Angling benefits of fishing from a Kayak.

Here are some exceptional advantages of fishing in a kayak:

* Relaxed fishing – paddling a kayak is so much more relaxing and easy paced and helps to soothe the mind and body

* Exercise – water time in the kayak is a good form of exercise which is neatly incorporated with the enjoyment of a fishing

* Improving angling skills – since space and mobility is limited, it is important to make the best of what you have. This in turn encourages the angler to be careful and alert, thus sharpening his angling skills

* Closer to the surface – kayaks put the angler closer to the water and makes the fishing experience more rewarding.

If you are not too sure about investing in a kayak, borrow or rent one and live the thrill for yourself. It will definitely help you make up your mind.