The Best Clothes for Kayaking for Greater Protection

The Best Clothes for Kayaking for Greater Protection

Wearing the right clothes for kayaking can be a lifesaver. This water sports activity calls for extra challenges on the body. It goes without saying that the best clothes for kayaking are essential in giving protection to the body and allowing freedom to move while you are doing your thing in the kayak.

The accessories and equipment you will need to use are determined by the weather conditions, the kind of kayak you are paddling, and your level of resistance to the cold temperature.

Kayakers engage in different activities during the entire activity. This means that your outfit should be suitable to the unavoidable changes in kayaking in terms of fishing, location, weather, and even in camping.

Kayaking Clothes for Every Season

The Best Clothes for Kayaking for Every Season

  • Summer Season. During these warm months, the best clothes for kayaking are T-shirt or sleeveless tops, and skin-tight shorts. For your feet, neoprene shoes or wetsuit shoes are effective footwear.

Go for synthetic fabrics. A brimmed hat with a chin strap can provide protection for your head and keep it cool. Complete your getup with sunglasses. Stay away from cotton clothing as these materials have no insulation qualities and stay wet when drenched.

  • Winter Season. Be equipped for the cold months. Large bodies of water can have an effect while kayaking. The strong winds are additional factors to consider. When choosing the best clothes for kayaking, the temperature of the water is a vital factor to consider more than the temperature of the air.

The temperature in winter is freezing enough to exhaust your strength even in a matter of minutes after immersion. Insulate yourself by wearing different layers of clothing. It is not advisable to wear garments that are made of wool. Preferably, wear thermal clothes as your base, then layer them with an insulating garment. Complete your look with windproof/waterproof clothing materials.

  • Spring and Fall Seasons. For these months, put on an additional clothing layer to be more comfortable. The summer outfit you are sporting is not good enough for this weather. Refrain from wearing clothes that are made of cotton. The best clothes for kayaking during these seasons include a neoprene hoodie, dry top or splash jacket that can help keep you dry and warm. A fleece hat gives protection to the head, while neoprene boots are most suitable for your feet.

Air and Water Temperature

So, what is the best thing to wear

Many kayak enthusiasts make a common oversight, and that is not completely understanding the natural environment they are kayaking in. A lot of kayakers gear up to be comfortable in the air temperature and tend to forget the water temperature surrounding them. Although the temperature in the air is about 90 degrees on a warm spring day, the temperature beneath the kayak can be as frigid as 40 degrees. Therefore, when it comes to selecting the best clothes for kayaking, take into account both the water temperature and air temperature.

When searching for the best kayak wear, consider the following list:

  • Paddle jacket – This is ideal if you are preparing for long kayaking adventures. Wearing one will keep your body warm. Take note that you may not need them on hot days, or on short trips.
  • Headwear – There is a possibility of falling into a rocky environment even though you are not doing whitewater kayaking. Find the most functional crash helmet to protect you all the time. There are a lot of choices out there in which you can look good while kayaking on the water.
  • Water shoes – This is the kind of footwear that helps protect the feet from getting cuts as you get in and out of the river. Choose the ones that are comfortable to wear and can fit well inside the kayak.
  • Paddling gloves – A quality pair of kayaking gloves will prevent your hands from getting cuts and blisters while paddling. If you are comfortable in your kayak with the help of your gloves, you would want to stay a bit longer in the water.
  • Personal floatation devices – The best clothes for kayaking include personal floatation devices. It is required for many kayaking tours to provide personal floatation devices to ensure user safety.

So, what is the best thing to wear?

The good news is, specialized clothing has been made better through the years, and there are lots of high-quality selections on the market. When kayaking, people are no longer stuck to using a sort of wetsuit with a rubber band sensation which makes the user uncomfortable. Today, you can have warmer, more durable, and lighter garments that are both wind and water-resistant. Always opt for the best clothes for kayaking that guarantee comfort and protection.