Bring the Best Kayak Fishing Accessories on Your Next Trip

Bring the Best Kayak Fishing Accessories on Your Next Trip

Kayak fishing is always a relaxing and satisfying experience, especially if you come well prepared. The kayak vessel has no electric motor, thus allowing you to chart smaller parts of the river. You also have high possibilities of catching lots of fish. However, you have limited space for storage, and you should be ready to paddle for a certain period of time.

If you are just starting out in kayaking and you want it to be a successful one, do not forget to bring these best kayak fishing accessories.

Things to Help Make Your Kayak Fishing Outing Smoother

  • Knife, Kayak seat, Pliers, Dehooker, Extra lures, Extra Line, Leader line, Waterproof VHF Radio, Bug Spray
  • Sunglasses, Fishnet, Fish grips, Camera, Flag, Light pole, Paddle leashes, Signal mirror, Fish bag or cooler
  • Fishfinder, Throw rope, Whistle, Sunscreen, Measuring device

Top Accessories to Bring

  • Paddles

Your kayaking trip is not complete without a paddle. It is one of the best kayak fishing accessories you must bring with you. You can purchase your own paddle based on your own preference. But still, it is helpful to consider some factors.

A lightweight paddle that has a wide blade basically gives a better propelling force compared to a heavy one that has a small blade. Moreover, do not forget to bring a spare paddle on hand. It would be useful for you particularly in remote places.

  • Life Jackets


Many people overlook the life jacket as one of the best kayak fishing accessories. However, it should be mandatory, which it actually is, in several regions. For safety purposes, you should follow the practice of wearing a life jacket when fishing in the kayak. Choose something that you will be comfortable wearing.

  • Water

You will be surprised how thirsty you will get while fishing and paddling. Always have a bottle of water with you to keep you hydrated while you are on the water. During the summer months, the sun is hotter. If you have enough water in the kayak, you can continue fishing for an extended time. Do not underestimate the power of water as one of the best kayak fishing accessories.

  • Flashlight or Headlamp

We cannot predict what will happen while fishing in the ocean or river. Anything can take place. A day trip can extend up to the night. Having a flashlight gives you visibility. It also enables you to signal other water vessels and alert them of your position. In case you are staying out during the night on purpose, using a light pole is ideal.

  • Spray Skirt

Water can easily accumulate inside the kayak from the waves or other elements. A spray skirt can prevent this from happening. Experience and lots of practice will make it possible for you to do an entire roll with a spray skirt. If there is nothing on hand, using a bilge pump is a good alternative.

  • Dry Bags


Naturally, you need to keep certain items dry while in the kayak. Examples of such items include your camera, wallet, cash, and cell phone. Store them in those watertight bags. They also come handy for keeping other basic things including food, towel, and clothes. Plastic containers do the job as well as one of the best kayak fishing accessories.

  • Fishing Poles

You use this to get the fish. Carry several types of fishing lures and rig them up for different circumstances. Include a variety of colorful jigs, a topwater, a live bait, and so on.

  • Wading Boots

These are among the best kayak fishing accessories that you should not forget. Basically, you can wear any kind of water shoes. Sometimes, you want to wade into a particular area. A pair of wading boots is a great accessory because we can never tell what is beneath the kayak.

  • Fishing License

Generally speaking, you need a fishing license when you go kayak fishing. A saltwater license, on the other hand, is needed if you plan on catching saltwater fish. Similarly, you need a freshwater permit if you want some freshwater fish.

  • Apparel

Wearing dry clothes is key in kayak fishing. There is a higher risk of getting hypothermia during the winter season than the other seasons. You can do a lot of things to keep your body dry and warm while fishing, and one of which is choosing your accessories. You can use dry-suits, water-resistant socks, waterproof boots, and paddling pants to combat the waters.

You have a wide array of selection from the best kayak fishing accessories on the market. You can find a lot of items to help you improve your kayaking and fishing expertise. It all depends on how you pick the ones that are most functional and useful to you.