Coleman Colorado 2-Person Kayak Review

Coleman Colorado

Fishing Kayak Review of Coleman Colorado(TM) 2-Person Fishing Kayak

Coleman is probably the most famous name for camping and hunting enthusiasts. And, what could be better than adding a kayak to your camping experience or use during duck hunting season when the ducks or geese you shoot inevitably land in the water … out of reach if you’re on foot.

Product Features:

  • Weight capacity 470-pounds
  • Inflated dimensions – 10’ 9” x 3’ 3”
  • Interior width: 15.5”
  • Fabrication: Triple-Layer Construction of 18-gauge rip resistant PVC with 1000D tarp plus 840D nylon cover over that
  • Multiple air chambers allow the other chamber to pitch in if one is punctured
  • 2 Adjustable, Padded Seats
  • 2- Berkley Quick Set Rod Holders
  • Sevylor trolling motor fittings ready to accept a motor
  • Double threaded inflate/deflate valves by Boston Valve
  • Mesh storage pockets
  • Molded D-rings for extra storage
  • Pressure gauge
  • Paddle holders to keep paddles out of the way during fishing time
  • Carry bag approximately 19” x 12” x 30”

Why Product Features Are Important

Weigh Capacity:  The 470-pound weight capacity determines how much you can actually take with you in your kayak after accounting for how much people-weight there will be. For example, if you weigh 265-pounds and you want to take a buddy with you who weighs 245-pounds,  you’ll already have a total of 501-pounds in the kayak.  So, don’t plan on taking fishing poles, snacks, lunch or wearing floating devices – mandatory for kayaking.

You’ll have to make this a main consideration before you purchase and use a kayak – whether inflatable or otherwise.

The average weight of snacks, drinks, rods, tackle and other standard gear is approximately 55-pounds for a 4-hour excursion.

Inflated Dimensions:

The interior dimensions dictate two things:  the exterior dimensions and how much room you have to move around.  The exterior width of a kayak is important to maintaining the balance of your yak keeping it in the upright position when swells, waves or wind are coming at you sideways.  The interior width will mean that you are either very comfortable or feel squished after a few hours on the water where every move becomes a battle.


This Coleman Colorado fishing kayak is the only one that has two solutions to first, prevent punctures as much as possible and secondly, to keep you safe if your yak gets snagged by an unknown, un-seeable, sharp protuberance.

It starts with multiple air chambers so that even if one is punctured, the entire yak is not compromised. The extra-heavy-duty poly tarp wraps each of the chambers and that is followed up with a nylon fabric covering inside and out to give you the best of both worlds of protection. Nothing worse than having a hook catch the inside of your inflatable before you even get it in the water!  (Well, maybe, there are worse things – like sinking.)


Seating would seem to be a no-brainer issue but you’d be surprised how many people ignore the importance of seats in a fishing kayak.  In surfing the net, you’ll find that a lot of the ‘reviews’ of this product state, “The adjustable seats make sure you can paddle comfortably the whole trip.”   Not true!  It makes us wonder if they are ‘selling’ the product or reviewing it.

The seats are comfortable enough if you are on the slender side.  But, they are unsuitable for paddling because they are lower in the yak than most people need them in order to have leverage on paddles. The backrest, on the other hand, is lower than many people prefer since it hits mid-back, but for women and children the fact that the seats wrap around them and move with the body actually works well.    


Rod holders are either part of the product or they are not. This Coleman Colorado model comes with Berkley Quickset Rod Holders.  For those who are new to using rod holders, this means that you don’t have to wrestle with getting your rod into the holder and tightening it down. All you have to do is place it firmly into the holder and the holder grabs it without you fiddling around.

Double Threaded Valves that are installed on this kayak prevent air from escaping when you are inflating it and allows you to deflate the yak using an air pump without it being trapped inside. This is one of the few inflatable kayaks that allows you to inflate and deflate the tubes using an air pump.

Molded D-Rings on the sides of the yak allows you to both secure your belongings and increase the amount of stuff you want to carry with you. Because they are part of the fabrication, they won’t pull lose and have you swimming after your bait bucket, catch of the day or the drinks that you smartly put into the water to keep cool.

Mesh Storage Pockets are placed within arm’s reach of each of the seats and there are 4 pockets for each passenger.  These are terrific for small items such as a lure box, small tools or a few snacks in a plastic bag to keep them dry.

Paddle Holders are designed to keep your paddles out from under your feet while you’re fishing.

Sevylor Trolling Motor Fittings are one of the unique features that are incorporated into this fishing kayak. While it doesn’t come with a motor, the pre-installed fittings are perfect for the Coleman Trolling Motor also available on Amazon.

There are some buyers on Amazon that say they bought a higher speed trolling motor and made their own fittings for it.  Keep in mind, the Coleman Colorado fishing kayak has been tested and approved to use the Coleman trolling motor only.  There is no safety guarantee if you decide to try a different one and doing so, could void the 1-year warranty.

What Real Users Like:

  1. Quality construction and materials for this price point
  2. Fabrication is thick enough that even a dog’s nails won’t puncture it
  3. Option for a small trolling motor to save on paddling back at the end of the day is a fave!

What Real Users Complain About:

  1. The 15 -16” inside the yak is meant only for the skinny people. If you’re on the chubby side, forget it.
  2. No Air Pump comes with this even though there is a pressure gauge.
  3. Paddles not included so be prepared to buy a set.
  4. Backrest is too low for adult males
  5. Rod holders get in the way when fishing and paddling

Is This Fishing Kayak for You?

This fishing kayak is great for both hunting and fishing excursions. It is light enough for one man to carry from car to water or shore to camp. The unit is built for those who want a light-weight option for use on lakes, ponds and quiet rivers. If you want to run the rapids or take it to surf the oceans, forget this one.