Efficient Kayak Fishing Tackle Storage Solutions

After an enjoyable kayak fishing trip, the next thing you need to do is store all your fishing gears such as your rods, reels, and lures. Having an efficient kayak fishing tackle storage solution can help you organize all the little things and fishing tools you have, keep them in a single location and find them easily when you want to goon a kayak fishing trip again.

A kayak fishing tackle storage solution is not just putting all the fishing gears in one area. It requires a defined container that can organize it all correctly and safely. The easiest way to an efficient tackle storage is storing it in a box. Tackle boxes come in several sizes and shapes, and you will have a lot to choose from.

Types of Tackle Storage Box

There are several types of kayak fishing tackle storage boxes. Each design has its advantages and features.

  • Drawer Type Tackle Box

This is a good choice for a tackle box if you are fishing from a boat or a kayak where space is limited. You can organize your tackles in drawers that sit vertically. Some drawer type tackle boxes also feature extra storage where you can keep your other fishing gears such as hook sharpener, trolling tools, reels, and flashlight.

A large drawer type tackle box is also a perfect storage solution for all your fishing tools at home.

  • Hipped-Roof Type Tackle Box

When you open a hipped-roof type tackle box, both of its sides have trays where you can organize your tackles and a bottom drawer which you can use as extra storage. This kind of tackle storage box provides easy access as well as visibility to all your tackles once it is opened.

This one is also ideal for storing your fishing tackle at home.

  • Satchel Type Tackle Box

Efficient Kayak Fishing Tackle Storage Solutions

The satchel type tackle box comes in several sizes and styles. You can have a one or two-sided satchel type tackle box with see-through sides so you can easily see and identify your tackles.

It makes an excellent choice for putting together separate fishing gears and lures for a day.

  • Hanging Type Tackle Box

One of the available kayak fishing tackle storage options is the hanging type tackle box. It is a common choice for organizing lures that are extra-long. The interior of this tackle box is a set of removable compartments.

This kind of tackle storage box makes it easy to access and dry your tackles because of its open top. The exterior part of the hanging type tackle box is also available in waterproof plastic or in clear UV-resistant material.

  • Soft Side Type Tackle Box

The soft side type tackle box is one of the popular kayak fishing tackle storage solutions these days. It is both waterproof and lightweight, and it features numerous pockets for storing your other fishing equipment such as extra fishing tools, reels, or even a camera. The center of this type of tackle box is where you put plastic boxes that house the tackles you need to bring.

When choosing a soft side type tackle box, make sure that it is made from waterproof material which is sturdy enough to withstand punctures and tears.

  • Trunk-Tray Type Tackle Box

The trunk type tackle box is one of the most popular tackle storage systems. It features a long hinge cover and two to three tackle trays that move outward when opened. It also features a lower box that is deep enough to be an extra storage for your other fishing gears.

Most trunk-tray type tackle storage boxes are small, making them lightweight and ideal for a kayak with a limited area.

Features to Look for in a Tackle Box

Efficient Kayak Fishing Tackle Storage Solutions

  • Size

The size of your kayak fishing tackle storage box should depend largely on your intended use. If you use lures that are about 6 inches or much longer, you might need a large tackle box where you can store it. Small tackle boxes are used for storing terminal tackles as well as small lures.

  • Extra storage

Extra storage in your tackle box to hold not just terminal tackles and lures but also some of your fishing tools such as pliers, multi-tool, headlamps, extra reels, and hook sharpener is an additional advantage. It can keep everything you need when you go kayak fishing.

  • Durability

An ideal kayak fishing tackle storage box should be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of kayak fishing. You don’t need a tackle box that opens on you and spills all your carefully organized fishing gears because it’s not durable enough. Make sure that the latch of the tackle box closes tight.

  • Water Resistance

Most tackle boxes are made using water-resistant materials. However, ensure that water won’t get in the box when it is closed.

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