Fishing Kayak Motor Guide – How to Choose The Best One?

Trolling is perhaps one of the best forms of fishing because it combines the best of ingenuity and ability to take control on your catch. When trolling on a fishing kayak, the most important piece of equipment required is the fishing kayak motor.

Trolling motor powers the kayak and brings out the best of fishing. It is a self-contained unit that can be easily removed from the boat when not in use. It basically allows a more precise positioning so that fishermen can cast the bait easily to where the targets are. The trolling motors that are available in the market today are products of most up-to-date electronic technology and top-rated materials that assure the product to be affordable, reliable and sturdy.

Trolling motors are comparably quiet thus creating minimum disturbance to the nature and humankind. This makes them good to use for stealth fishing because they will not scare and perturb fishing hot spots. They are environment-friendly and easy to operate. They are available at different types of thrust levels, shaft lengths and battery power. They can cater to various boat and environment requirements. Each trolling motor has exceptional features that are suitable for both water environments.

Factors You Should Consider


A trolling motor allows you to move quicker and covers larger fishing areas than what paddling can provide. In choosing a right trolling motor for your kayak, you need to consider the size of your boat. Trolling motors come in

  • 12 volts
  • 24 volts
  • 36 volts

A 16 foot kayak will need a 12 volt motor just like a 19-foot will need a 36 volt motor. Another thing to consider is the battery space. The number of batteries to use will highly depend on the available space in your boat.

The type of water is also a significant factor to consider because there is a different trolling motor for saltwater and freshwater. Trolling motors for saltwater are more expensive and complex because they should remain corrosion resistant. Generally, there are two types of mounting place for trolling motors.

It is highly advisable to consider if you have a transform-mount motor and bow-mount. Transform mounted motor are situated at the back of the boat. This is usually hand operated.

Bow mounted motors are comparably costly compared to transform mounted motors because they provide easier maneuverability and better control. They can be hand-operated, foot operated or wirelessly controlled. The length of the shaft of the trolling motors is also an important factor to consider. Determine your boat’s measurements in order to obtain the appropriate shaft length.

To Sum Up


The best fishing kayak motor is durable, high quality and high performing. Once you have chosen the ideal fishing kayak motor, you will have an outstandingly high powered kayak which will enable you to reach fishing spots that has been formerly impossible to attain and have an experience like no other.