Advantages and Disadvantages of a Foot Paddled Fishing Kayak

Using a kayak for fishing, is always more advantageous than using any other fishing craft. With the introduction and popularity of kayaks for fishing, there have also been changes made in the designing of a Kayak to suit the sport.

Kayaks are normally equipped with paddles, but foot paddled fishing Kayak s are also increasing their demand in the market.

Benefits of a Foot Paddled Fishing Kayak

A fishing kayak that has been designed with foot pedals also has a hand-controlled rudder. Foot pedal-paddled kayaks have a number of advantageous points:


  •  Using your leg pedals to paddle the kayak is a hand-free method of travelling, allowing you to retrieve your catch or cast your line while moving. Hands are required occasionally to monitor the rudder.
  •  If you are changing your location, you can eat a snack or rig your tackle or just simply rest and enjoy the scenery while on the go
  •  Pedaling a kayak is also a good form of exercise for the legs. Instead of tiring out your arms that you require for fishing, the ability to use your legs is indeed an advantage.
  •  Since leg muscles are more powerful than the arms, the kayak covers longer distances when pedaled by feet.
  •  When fishing in current sensitive conditions, pedals help you to stay in position and control your bait without much effort. Paddlers would not have the same advantages if put in this situation, as they would have to toggle between paddling and controlling bait.
  •  Pedals are rugged – therefore their maintenance is minimal as they only require rinsing and occasionally need lubrication. Paddle kayaks on the other hand can rather complex and are prone to breakdowns or malfunctions.
  •  Foot pedal kayaks also give angler's the option of carrying a paddle along. If required to rest your legs, you can always use your paddle.

Drawbacks of a Foot Pedal-paddled Fishing Kayak:

  •  Since the pedals take up a lot of room in the footwell of the kayak, it leaves you with very little storage space.
  •  They are not as silent as paddle kayaks
  •  Stability of a foot pedal kayak is often more imbalanced than paddle kayaks, leaving the angler to hold the sides of the kayak to maintain steadiness.
  •  Given the fact that the pedals are made of stainless steel and have the added weight of a rudder, foot pedal kayaks are heavier. Because of the space required to fit the pedal mechanism, these kayak have to be made a lot wider. These shortcomings leave the owner having to opt for a trailer rather than putting it on a car top.maxresdefault
  •  Pedal kayaks are not appropriate for fishing in shallow waters, especially in waters with vegetation. Usually these waters are a favorite fishing spot for anglers.
  •  Pedaling requires the angler’s body to be in the L position, which is identified as a cause for various health problems. Some health concerns experienced are premature fatigue, circulation in the legs, acute back pain also called yak-back and soreness in the rear-end known as yak-ass.
  •  Besides various other drawbacks, last but not the least would be that foot pedal-paddled fishing kayaks wind up being far more expensive than paddle kayaks.

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