Future Beach Angler 160 Kayak Review

Future Beach Angler 160 Kayak Review

Sit on Top Fishing Kayak Review of Future Beach Angler 160 

Future Beach started out years ago as a mom-and-pop sized business for local anglers.  Over the years, it gained a reputation  among outsiders who wanted a yak that they could use in cold climates for hunting duck and geese.

They wanted a fishing kayak that could be disguised with a duck blind over it and easy to load and unload. The Angler 160 is especially designed for anglers who want the flexibility of a fishing yak and underside of a blind.

This fishing kayak is approximately 10-feet long and weighs in at only 46-pounds.  The carry handles at the bow and stern as well as one on each side in the center, plus the quality of construction allows one person to drag the yak onto shore with no difficulty.  The only difficulty for one person to carry this yak is the bulkiness and length.

Product Features:

  • 300-pound weight capacity
  • Padded seat back with molded seat
  • Open deck bungee stern well holds 5-gallon bucket
  • 12” x 20” elliptical storage hatch
  • Multi-channel hull
  • 2 Flush mounted rod holders
  • Self-bailing cockpit approximately 18” x 42”
  • Approximately 10-feet x 30”


Weigh Capacity:

With a 300-pound weight capacity, you can take enough for a day’s outing even in inclement weather. The 30” width increases the stability and makes it easy for those who aren’t as nimble as they used to be to move around without getting tossed into the water.


If you need a comfy seat bottom, you’ll need to buy that extra.  However, the molded seat form is curved to make it as comfortable as possible; there are channels for your leg position when paddling or fishing.

The seat back is padded and comfortable but it is low falling just below the shoulder blades. If you need a higher backing or lumbar support, you would need to find one to replace it.

Casting Platform:

The advantage of having no padding on the seat bottom is that it doubles as a casting platform when you are tired of sitting.

Storage Spaces:

In the stern, there is a small hatch for tools and smaller items and a day-well with a bungee cord system.

The day-well is within arm’s reach and is large enough to hold a medium to large container for food or other gear that you’ll want to reach quickly.

In front of the seat is a bait well and at the bow is the large elliptical storage hatch for those items that need more protection from weather and water spray.

There is a molded-in cup holder that will accommodate most beverages and travel cups.

Rail System: 

The side rail system allows you to attach a duck blind or add bungee cords or other accessories to increase storage ability. Don’t forget leashes for rods and paddles!

Flush Mounted Rod Holders:

Located behind the seat are two flush mounted rod holders for trolling or drifting.

Self-bailing Cockpit:

Unlike many fishing kayaks, this one has a self-bailing system with integrated drain plugs that helps to keep you drier than most all day long.

What Real Users Like:

  1. Stability
  2. Maneuverability
  3. Shallow water fishing
  4. Price for value

What Real Users Complain About:

  1. May be difficult to get into for those who are less flexible


Is This Fishing Kayak for You?

It never fails that some angler forgets to pack something to protect him/her when clouds move in and it starts to rain.  If you hear thunder, you are way too close to lightning – and water is a conduit of lightning.

The first time you hear thunder – no matter how far off it may seem to be – get to the nearest safe location possible.  “Safe locations” are not under trees!  Trees act as lightning rods so you need to get inside a building until the storm passes.

This fishing yak will last for years. There aren’t a lot of things that you can buy at that price that will still be modern five years from now.  Furthermore, the price is low enough that purchasing 2 – one of you and one for your spouse – is not like taking out a mortgage on a new home.

The versatility of using this as a hunting kayak as well as a fishing kayak will give you the ability to get your money’s worth. The durability of the material has proven to withstand colder water climates without cracking or peeling that some lower-end fishing kayaks may experience.

It’s large enough for an adult male and light weight enough for a teenager or small adult female to enjoy.  Additionally, the size and amount of storage on and in this fishing kayak opens the potential to camp in more isolated or difficult areas to reach by land.

In choosing a paddle, look for one that has a curved blade designed to scoop water rather that push it.  Selecting an adjustable paddle means that anyone can use it effectively.  Some of these have an aluminum shaft others opt for a fiberglass shaft.  If you plan to fish mostly in a southern climate, the fiberglass will withstand the heat exposure better than one of aluminum.

The hatches do seal better than most other models with no reports of leakage from any of the buyers on Amazon. However, the users do report that the seals are so good that they are difficult to open with one hand.  If you have difficulties with using your hands, this factor should be considered ahead of time.

When it comes to a fully-padded seat, you must look for a unit that will not cramp your arm movement or reach.  It’s better to buy a good one (usually around $110 – 160) instead of buying a cheap one and then finding out that the padding is too thin or that it wears out before the first season is over.

Don’t forget the paddle and fishing rod leashes if you don’t already have them!  You’d be surprised how quickly a brand new paddle can jump into a seemingly calm lake and before you can reach down to reclaim it, it’s headed for the banks – without you.