Guide for Selecting the Best Tackle Box for Kayak Fishing

Guide for Selecting the Best Tackle Box for Kayak Fishing

A tackle box is an important item that every fishing enthusiast must have during the fishing activity. This is to make sure that all the fishing gears and accessories are well organized and easy to locate.

A tackle box for kayak fishing is extra harder to choose compared to a tackle box for people who use a regular boat for fishing. This is due to the kayak’s limited space for a tackle box. This is why the tackle box’s size is one of the major factors in choosing the best tackle box for kayak fishing.

Types of Tackle Box

There are two types of tackle box for kayak fishing: the hard tackle box and the soft tackle box.

  • Hard Tackle Box – This type has hard cases and is proven to last for a long time. Most fishermen prefer the hard tackle box because of its years of proven performance. If you are after a tackle box that will fit in your kayak and which will last for years, then this type is the best tackle box for kayak fishing.

Characteristics of Hard Tackle Boxes

Guide for Selecting the Best Tackle Box for Kayak Fishing

  • Durable – Hard tackle boxes are extremely durable that’s why they are preferred by a lot of anglers. They are known to last for years due to the protective casing which is either made of hard plastic or sometimes steel.
  • With Compartments – It has fold-out trays. The fold-out trays provide a range of different compartments for different fishing gears and accessories such as lures, baits, and other tackle essentials.

Hard tackle boxes are known for their worm trays. These worm-proof trays maintain the crispness and the good condition of the worms to make sure that the fish is still attracted to it even after they are stored for a period of time. Without a worm-proof tray, worms will melt or fuse together, making them unattractive to fish. This, in turn, will result in difficulty in catching fish.

  • Waterproof – Another characteristic that makes this type the best tackle box for kayak fishing is its waterproof design. In kayak fishing, there’s a huge possibility that your tackle box will get wet due to its position near to the water. A waterproof tackle box takes care of this problem, and all your fishing tackles will not get wet or be damaged.
  • More Storage – This type of tackle box has top loading compartments which provide extra storage. Kayaks have such small space for storage, and it's a huge relief to find tackle boxes to fill this space shortage.

Guide for Selecting the Best Tackle Box for Kayak Fishing

  • Soft Tackle Box – This is the best tackle box for kayak fishing if you’re looking for a design which is lightweight and can still be accommodated by your kayak’s small storage. When using a soft tackle box, you can always decide to leave your other fishing gears that you will not use at home.

Characteristics of Soft Tackle Boxes

  • Lightweight – The main characteristic that made this the best tackle box for kayak fishing is its lightweight design. Hard tackle boxes are heavy even without the lures and other fishing accessories inside which makes it a bit of a load when taken to your kayak.
  • Easy to Store due to Flexibility – The flexible design of a soft tackle box makes it easier to store than their hard plastic tackle box counterparts. This feature makes it the best tackle box for kayak fishing especially if you’re after an easy-to-store item.
  • Has Extra Storage Pockets – If hard tackle box offers more storage, a soft tackle box offers extra storage pockets for your other fishing accessories. You can store an extra pair of clothes or other fishing essentials. The exterior pockets provide extra real estate as well which is not available in hard tackle boxes.
  • Convenient Switch-out Options – This is the alternative to the hard tackle box’s fold-out trays. The good thing about this switch-out is it is removable, giving you the option to leave it at home if you will not use it. Another advantage is that you can have multiple selections of accessories in your switch-out and choose only the one that you'll need for your fishing trip.
  • Easy to Carry – You can easily carry soft tackle boxes since some of them come with a strap so you can sling them on your shoulder.

In choosing the best tackle box for kayak fishing, always put in mind which one will work better for you. You can also check for other kayak-related reviews on South Texas Kayak. This website has a wide array of reviews about anything kayak-related and is highly recommended for kayak enthusiasts.