Hobie Mirage Oasis Tandem Kayak Review

Hobie Mirage Oasis Tandem Kayak Review

Fishing Kayak Review of Hobie Mirage Oasis Tandem Kayak

Hobie has developed one of the top 3 brands in kayak and canoe manufacturing in the world over the last three decades. As such, it has had the time and talent to refine its products, make kayaks for nearly every price point and respond to the needs of its growing customer base.  The Mirage Oasis Tandem is the latest example of one its sit-on-top tandem fishing kayaks that proves it still listens to buyers’ requests.

A hard shell fishing kayak is most suitable for those who plan to use it frequently during the year and is designed to withstand weather changes, unseen obstacles beneath the water and handle faster currents than an inflatable.  Generally, this type of kayak is for primary use rather than as a second or extra yak to keep in your trunk  for a spur of the moment fishing trip.

Product Features:

  • Weight capacity 550-pounds
  • Transport weight 93-pounds
  • Length 14-feet 6”
  • Width 33”
  • Storage hatches bow & stern plus netted side pockets
  • Adjustable seat and adjustable high back with inflatable lumbar support
  • MirageDrive pedal system
  • Two-piece paddles with on hull storage
  • Sail mount
  • Rudder included


Product Features That Are Unique

Weigh Capacity:

Hobie has taken into consideration the weight of all the features before setting the total capacity that you can add for your trip.  With 550-pounds to play with, this kayak will hold two good-sized male adults plus gear and snacks.


Tandem fishing kayaks are the perfect solution for those who usually fish with a buddy and enjoy the camaraderie of social fishing. As can be expected, the tandem fishing kayak is going to be longer and heavier than a solo. The Mirage Oasis is 14’6” x 33” and weighs around 93-pounds. As a result, it will be necessary to have a trailer made specifically for a tandem kayak. Point to be taken into consideration is you will need the correct hanger to store your brand new purchase when not in use.


Hobie uses adjustable, high-backed seats with thick padding for your back and rear-end so that you can spend the day out on a large lake comfortably. Additionally, each seat has inflatable lumbar support to accommodate any tiredness that comes with being on the yak for longer periods of time.

Features Included:

Hobie MirageDrive System is included in this Mirage Oasis Tandem. The MirageDrive is a foot pedal system for both passengers that allows you to use your legs to paddle and steer the yak hands-free.

Twist and Stow Rudder is another feature included in this package deal. The rudder is removable (which explains the reason you can stow it away when not in use) and twists on and off for easy installation.

Two-piece Paddles – one for each passenger, are included. For those who prefer the more traditional method, you can leisurely paddle your way around any lake, pond or river— even if you don’t want to fish.  (Could make for a romantic evening with the spouse.)

Storage is always an issue with any fishing kayak and when you carry two people, storage options are twice as important. Hobie thought of that, too.

Add to that the day well storage in the cargo area with bungee tie-downs, plus hatches at bow and stern.

Sail Mount: 


Hobie added the sail mount as a third option for mobility. They sell a sail kit that fits the Mirage Oasis Tandem for a reasonable price.

Accessories for Comfort or Fun:

Each seat has a handy, dandy cup holder within arm’s reach. In front of each seat is a storage hatch for goodies and each seat also has its own mesh covered stowage pocket – cubbyhole.

What Real Users Like:

  1. Quality construction
  2. Stability to avoid tipping over
  3. Plenty of storage for two people
  4. Mobility options – paddle, pedal and sail


What Real Users Complain About:

There are no ‘real’ complaints about this fishing kayak.  Yet, we know for some the price point may be too high at this time and when personal preferences are added on top of the base price, it could be exorbitant.

Accessories You May Want to Consider:

There are a few accessories you should consider purchasing to use with this tandem kayak.  As said earlier, a trailer designed to handle the type is one. You may not have difficulty carrying the yak from shore to water and back if you have two people, but because of the length, it could become damaged if tossed in the back of a truck or on top of a vehicle.

Malone Auto Racks MicroSport Trailer KayakMalone Auto Racks MicroSport Trailer Kayak

Just over 13-feet long, this trailer is strong and large enough to transport two tandem kayaks with extra padding on the carriers.

Shoreline Marine Propel Ultimate Kayak BagShoreline Marine Propel Ultimate Kayak Bag is available on Amazon.

This bag makes it easy to keep a lot of your stuff handy in a compact container.  It is large enough inside to contain a milk crate if you want to go that route.

Ram Mount Stack-N-Stow Bait Board with 3-Inch Post and SplineRam Mount Stack-N-Stow Bait Board with 3-Inch Post and Spline


You can add this nifty gadget to your kayak fishing experience. Built-in tool hangers for easy access make cutting bait – or making sandwiches (your choice) safe and easy.

The surface is magnetic so your knife, pliers and other fix-it tools won’t be sliding off into your lap with each wave swell.

Is This Fishing Kayak for You?

Whether you want to go out on the water with a friend, spouse or one of your children, choosing a tandem will prove to be a fun and enjoyable experience.

Picture this:  you’ve just arrived at your favorite camping spot and you’ve got camp set.  Grab your spouse, a bottle of wine, a loaf of French bread and favorite cheese and paddle out on the lake to watch the sunset. (Then, when you go fishing all day tomorrow with your buddy, there’ll be no aggravated mate on shore.)