Important Features Of Wide Fishing Kayaks

The most common fishing kayaks are usually wider and more stable that the other kayaks and are equipped with a number of special features, in order to help you with rod holders and hatches. These kind of kayaks can compete with even bigger botas in prortability, maintenance, usage. In this article we will talk about the most important features of wide fishing kayaks.


One of the most important factors of fishing kayaks is stability, especially if you are a beginner.

This is mainly because stability reduces accidents, as well as it increases your well being as a kayaker and a fisherman. Keep in mind though that there are two types of stability you need to take into consideration.

The first is primary stability and it is how the kayak responds while you are sitting in it at rest.

The secondary stability is the ability that can actually save the kayak before it flips. Even though it may feel a bit unstable while you are sitting in it, when it gets to the point of flipping, it may be difficult to flip over.


Kayak Techniques for Fishing

Even though you most probably know that most of the techniques for kayak fishing are the same with the ones that are used on the usual fishing boats, there is a difference in the in the set up. For example, how every piece of equipment fits within it and how each activity is performed.

Most of modern wide fishing kayaks are equipped with a number of aids for fishing, such as electronic fish finders, rod holders, as well as live-bait containers.

SIK or SOT kayak?

You need to determine what kind of kayak will be best for you.

  • A sit-in kayak is the most common model, which allows you to sit directly inside it. This is actually a more efficient model, especially when you are paddling, as it allows you to press your knees against the interior of the kayak, giving them more control and strength.
  • SIKs are generally faster and give you the opportunity to make quicker movements. Above all you need to remember that stability is very important when you are fishing.

Modern features

Today the most modern wide fishing kayaks feature open and impressive cockpits, comfortable wide seats, as well as a number of options for mounting fishing electronics, rod racks, holders and many more. Moreover, they are especially designed with holds for dry storage, as well as tank wells in the stern, that are made as to hold a fishing crate or live bait well.


Convenient portability

Fishing kayaks are generally easy to transport. If you own a hard shell kayak, you can rope it to the top of your vehicle and transport to the water. In case you have an inflatable one, you can pop it in your trunk or even inside your vehicle for transport it any place. In addition, you can easily store it. You can dried it out, deflate and store it in your garage for instance.

There are actually a number of reasons to consider kayak fishing, but overall it gives you angling opportunities. You can mix a workout with time on the water and can actually go for fishing, explore the nature and enjoy kayaking around the waters.