Most Essential Inflatable Kayak Fishing Accessories

Have you chosen or bought your first inflatable kayak? That’s awesome! However, the shopping doesn’t stop there. You still have to purchase several inflatable kayak fishing accessories. The equipment mentioned below will be the most basic and important things you will definitely need and not just want.

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10 Most Important Inflatable Kayak Accessories


  • Air Pump – This is the most important accessory you should have along with your inflatable kayak. For these kayaks to be filled with air, your air pump should have the capability to pump 3-5 PSI of air pressure. There are two types of this accessory, a hand pump and a foot pump, both with various tip adapters for different chambers.
  • Attaching Hardware – Using the attaching hardware, you can mount extra D-rings to different parts of your inflatable kayak.
  • Boat Sponge – A boat sponge is a safe and efficient equipment to clean your kayak from wetness.
  • Paddle – For your inflatable kayak, a longer one compared to what you use in a hard-shell kayak is more suitable. For non-bulky storage, a 4-piece paddle is also a better choice.
  • Lifeline – It is one of the most important safety equipment you should buy with your inflatable kayak. In case of a cap size, you will still be intact to your kayak. If you can’t find a decent one in stores, you can make your own with hundreds of tutorials available online to guide you.
  • PDF – If inflatable kayaks exist, so are life vests, or also known as PDFs. This is a great way to save enough storage space.
  • Repair Kit – We can’t always avoid accidents, so having a repair kit ready is very important. You should put it in your storage bag at all times. Common repair kits have spare parts, patches, D-rings, additional glue and even a spare valve. Also, most repair kits are already part of the inflatable kayak that you are planning to purchase
  • Rope – Aside from the lifeline, you’ll also need a rope for added safety. It’s good to put it in with your inflatable kayak so you won’t forget to bring it on every water adventure.
  • Storage Bag – Another accessory that is a must to have, it is used to safely store your deflated rubber boat. Your storage bag should be durable enough to withstand dirt and water from getting in.
  • Whistle – Whether placed in a repair kit or attached to your life vest, this is another important safety equipment you should have with you. It may be just a little accessory, but it has the capability to save your life.


Of course, these aren’t just the accessories of the inflatable kayaks, the long list goes on. There are a lot of equipment available intended for your safety, comfortability and functionality.

However, if you’re in a tight budget or if you just recently started to invest in this water activity, then the things mentioned above are the ones you should first get. If you have prepared everything, you can relax and just enjoy your kayaking experience.