Choosing Kayak Fishing Clothing For Warmer and Cooler Weather

If you are new to the world of kayak fishing, then you are probably in mild confusion on what proper clothes to wear. There is really no specific single outfit that can withstand all weather conditions when you go kayak fishing. The decision on what clothes to wear strongly depends on your personal preference. The primary key is to make sure that you are well protected from possible elements. In addition, being comfortable is very important and that is why there are several important factors you have to consider while choosing kayak fishing clothing.

Clothing for Warmer Weather


For warm weather where the sun’s rays can be considerably harmful to the skin and eyes, most kayakers opt to wear:

  • shorts
  • short-sleeved shirts
  • bathing suits to avoid the heat

This can be considered comfortable but can lead to unwarranted sun exposure. That is why most people also prefer to wear quick-dry fishing shirts and pants; and long sleeves and long pants to avoid exposure from the heat of the sun. Certain accessories such as hat and sunglasses are great to use too. Some even take extra step of wearing a buff for face covering and gloves for hand protection. Periodic application of lip balms and sunscreen can be of help too in protecting exposed skin. Most kayakers choose to go barefoot. However, any variety of footwear like sandals, water shoes or sneakers can be worn.

Clothing for Cooler Weather

For cooler weather such as during spring and fall season, it is expected that kayakers add some layers of protection to their outfits. Warmer waterproof footwear is more reliable than the traditional footwear when it comes to cold entry temperatures. Lightweight dry suits, flexible waders and waterproof rain pants are the preferred clothing items because they keep the butt, legs and feet dry. For protection against rain, splash and spray; warmer shirts and waterproof jackets are great options. It is sensible to wear multiple layers of clothes because when the temperature gets warmer, layers can be removed easily. To prevent too much sweat, wear a wicking base layer.  Lightweight waterproof shell layered over a sweatshirt is a popular style among kayakers.


For winter season or any other cold weather, sufficient protective garments are very significant. Tipping over the water without proper protection can lead to hypothermia. It is better to avoid garments made of cotton but to use those that are made from fleece, wool, and polyester-based materials. A full dry suit is the most preferred protective garment for cold temperature. This suit is made up of continuous layer of waterproof fabric that covers the whole body from the neck to the wrists. However, dry suits are not comfortable to wear and are comparably expensive.

Additionally, a life vest is a great clothing item is very useful in all weather conditions. Life vests come in various styles and price ranges. See to it that you choose one with the right size, comfortable to wear and safe for any kayak fishing adventure. In choosing hand gloves, do not only think of how it can warm your hands but also of how you can grip your fishing rod with it.