Kayak Fishing Essentials. You Should Know This

Every first timer starts at the most basic, especially in fish kayaking. And if you want to have best first time experience fishing with your kayak, here are some of the most important kayak fishing essentials you should have.

Rod – Of course, you’ll need something to catch your fish if you don’t want to go hand fishing.

Rod Holder – Basically, this equipment commonly made out of plastic is bolted to your fishing kayak to keep your rods in place and avoid losing them. These three are the most common:

  1. Flush Mounted – Commonly inserted or molded into the back of your top deck seat, a rod leash is used to secure your road with it.
  2. Secure Mounted Rod Holder – Because it grasps your rod, it is more secure compared to the first. Most of the time, this adjustable device is attached in the middle of the deck or at the back of your seat.
  3. Kayak Crate – It secures your road by acting as a tube-like holder and a boxed storage area for your gear.sharky-down-there

Other Pieces of Equipment

Anchors – You don’t want your kayak to float somewhere else while you try to stay put in one place to fish. Most kayakers prefer folding and claw anchors which weigh less than 3 lbs.

Paddle Leash – Like your rod, you don’t want to lose your paddle and row yourself with just your hands all the way to the nearest shore.

Paddle – There is no use to a paddle leash if there isn’t a paddle, is there? Make sure your paddle is durable enough to push through the water without breaking.

Personal Floating Device – There are relatively cheap but comfortable PDFs available in stores. This is just in case you fall off your kayak and you don’t know how to swim.

Whistle or Air horn – This is another safety device in case you get separated with your kayak.

Flashlight – Sometimes, we enjoy the activity that we don’t notice it’s getting dark. Always bring a flashlight (preferably waterproof) with you, especially if the location doesn’t have lights to lead your way.

First Aid Kit – You might need it when you accidentally bruise or cut yourself or someone with you.

Waterproof storage – You’ll need it, especially if you brought things you don’t want to get destroyed or damaged when it accidentally falls into the water or if your kayak suddenly turns upside down.


If you already have everything mentioned above, you can choose from these equipment which are great to have but aren’t really necessary all the time.

Flag and Light Pole – Both are used respectively used during daytime and night time so you’ll know where to go in case you get lost.

Pocket Knife – This is useful when you have to cut something like an anchor.

Cooler – If you go fishing, you want your fish to be fresh even until you go home after a couple of hours. And what better way is there than to store it in a cooler.