Kayak Fishing Gear Tips for Care and Storage

Kayak Fishing Gear Tips for Care and Storage

In kayak fishing, the most valuable thing is the fishing gears. When you first buy your fishing equipment and invest in quality ones, you might want to consider some kayak fishing gear tips for its care, maintenance, and storage to keep your fishing gears in great quality for a long time.

Caring Tips for Fishing Rods

General caring for your fishing rods using these kayak fishing gear tips will help you make sure that they are always in their best condition and won’t lose their quality or just break while you are using them.

  • Avoid doing “high stick” or over-flexing your fishing rod and creating a lot of pressure on the tip. When you are fighting with a large first, remember to bend the fishing rod not more than 90 degrees.
  • Avoid striking the fishing rod on hard surfaces.
  • When you are transporting your fishing rod, make sure that it won’t hit hard surfaces or another fishing rod. Put it inside the car where there are no heavy things that might fall on it and can cause damage to the fishing rod.
  • Consider using a fishing rod transport system if you have more than one fishing rod to bring with you.
  • Avoid laying the fishing rod flat on the ground, or it might be stepped on and can be damaged or broken.
  • When cleaning the fishing rod after use, wash it with fresh water and soap and let it dry completely before storing it away.
  • Make sure that the ferrules of the fishing rod are clean. You can put a little grease on the male ferrules after wiping it down. Also, make sure that you take extra time to clean the dirt on the female ferrules.
  • Look for some scratches on the guides. Replace it once damaged.

Caring Tip for Reels

Kayak Fishing Gear Tips for Care and Storage

Aside from taking care of the fishing rod, you should also consider the kayak fishing gear tips in taking care of the reels. Fishing rods and reels come hand-in-hand and should always be in good condition if you want to make your kayak fishing a success. You can follow these kayak fishing gear tips for the reels.

  • When you are done using the reel and preparing it for storage, always remember to turn the drag pressure to its lowest setting.
  • When cleaning the reel after use, do it using cool fresh water and let it dry thoroughly. Make sure that you have removed all the sand and dirt that might have been caught on the reel.
  • If you used the reel in saltwater, make sure to double the basic cleaning procedure for the reel. Saltwater leaves a sticky residue on the reel when it is not properly cleaned, and this might harden over time.
  • Once you have cleaned the reel properly, leave the spool and the frame apart. Dry it out completely outside the reel case.
  • Once it has dried out completely, wipe it down and apply a light coating of grease to the bottom of the teeth. Avoid putting grease on top if you don’t want any mess around. Use a small brush or a toothpick when you apply the oil.
  • Clean and oil the bearings of the reel to effectively remove the dirt that might have been sucked into it. You can use a toothpick and put a drop of lighter fluid on every bearing.

Storage Tips for Fishing Gears

Kayak Fishing Gear Tips for Care and Storage

One of the important kayak fishing gear tips has something to do with storage. It is important to store the fishing gears properly to make sure that whenever you use them again, they will be in excellent condition and will in no way spoil your kayak fishing. You can follow these kayak fishing gear tips on how to store your equipment properly.

  • Take time to lubricate all the moving parts of the reel before storing them to avoid any possible corrosion or freezing up.
  • Check the fishing rod for any loose winding wraps or worn guides. If the winding wraps have loosened or are already exposed, repair it with winding thread and coat using a rod spar varnish. Remove any worn guides and replace it with grooves or nicks.
  • After properly cleaning your fishing rod and wiping it down, disassemble the rod before storing it inside the fishing rod sleeves. It will keep the tip and the butt part from being mismatched.
  • Store the fishing rods vertically to prevent it from bending. Also, keep the rods at room temperature to avoid the weakening the fiberglass or graphite material of the rod.
  • Make sure to remove the line from the reel before storage. Most fly lines have shape memory. Store them in loose coils, so it will be less likely to tangle or kink when you use it again.
  • Store the reels inside a neoprene reel case and away from direct sunlight.

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