Varieties of Kayak Fishing Nets

Suitable kayak fishing nets can make a huge difference and could prevent fishing mayhems. That is why it is important to invest on high-quality fishing net. Fishing nets are wonderful tools for landing your catch. It is almost compulsory that you bring nets with you while fishing.

Varieties of Kayak Fishing Nets

There are several varieties of kayak fishing nets that you can choose from. Ideal kayak fishing nets have comparably long handles. The long handles will allow the fisherman to have more reach without leaning too much over the kayak gunwale.


  • Floating bait nets have unique frame guard and plastic-wrapped construction that thwart off net wear and abuse from bait-tank and live well walls. It usually has black plastic handles and nylon mesh netting.
  • Another type of fishing net is the hand net. This net is held open by a hoop placed on the end of a long unbendable handle. This type is one of the first nets ever made and is typically suitable for sweeping up fisher near water surfaces.
  • Landing net is a type of hand net that is designed to catch bigger fishes. They are supported by single and double pin joints for extra strength and proper weight distribution. The frames and handles of landing nets are mostly made up of high-quality but lightweight aluminum for a lighter but strong net. Landing nets for anglers normally look like basketball hoops, only that the other end is closed. They have shorter but durable handles for a secure grip while removing the hook to transfer the caught fish.
  • Dip nets are bigger versions of landing nets. They have longer handles and bigger openings. Their nets are often made of stiff baskets of strong mesh nylons.
  • Cast nets are small nets that have round shape and attached weights on the edges. These weights are thrown by fishermen by using hand in such a manner that it spreads out on the water and sinks. When fish are caught, the cast net is hauled back in.
  • Seine nets have similar design with cast net that is meant to catch bait fish. Only that, seine net is spaced between two poles with weights at the bottom and floats at the top. This net is placed against the water current to trap fish.
  • A stake net if a net especially designed for catching salmon. It is made up of sheet of network lengthened on stakes fixed on the ground for entangling and catching salmons.
  • Trawl is fishing net that serves as scoop that smoothly extend behind a boat. It scoops fishes as it expands and is reeled back when full. Oftentimes, two kayak boats attach a trawl in between them for a more précised fishing.

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To Sum Up

Fishing nets have been considered to be an inevitable part of an angler’s kit. Even though a good set of rod and reel is able to catch some, kayak fishing nets are very valuable from catching live baits up to bringing the fish in the kayak boat.