Learn the Best Way to Catch Rainbow Trout

Steelhead trout caught while fly fishing

Rainbow trouts are among the favorite targets of many fishermen and anglers out there. The best way to catch rainbow trout is to go to cold waters and moving waters as they are usually found there. They are also present in lakes.  Moreover, they are also among the popular game types of fish, and they are usually dropped in ponds and streams.

The Things Needed for Fishing Rainbow Trout

  • Baits
  • Weights and Hooks
  • Rods and Reels
  • Light Weighed Tackle

Ways to Catch Rainbow Trout

  • Float Fishing. This fly fishing technique works with a floater or bobber. Here, it is suggested that you use a small and lightweight bobber. As soon as you feel that the floater is moving, set your hook at once.
  • Drift Fishing. With this technique, you can cover a large area of the water, and you can use the bait to captivate a wide variety of fish. Begin your drift fishing by using a split shot that is positioned 10 to 20 inches off of the hook. Using a leader is fine if your angling is slow in motion.
  • Tight Lining. This method includes using a bait, a split shot, and an apt hook. Place the split shot about 10 to 20 inches over the hook. After casting the fishing line, hold on until the bait reaches the bottom. The best way to catch rainbow trout is to wait for the fish to bite before reeling in the line and to examine your bait.
  • Jig Fishing. These types of baits are man-made. You can buy them in the marketplace in various colors and sizes such as brown, yellow, black, and so on. Sometimes, using different shades gives good results while fishing.

Learn the Best Way to Catch Rainbow Trout1

Baits to Use

  • Spinners. Anglers of rainbow trout consider spinners as essential components while they are doing kayak fishing. Fish bite them anywhere in the water. You can change them in and out effortlessly on the swivel. They have flapping blades that add some splash to a current.
  • Flies. The best way to catch rainbow trout is to use the help of these insects. These artificial flies are considered a basic food source for trouts. Flies can be caught in two ways: by using standard spin fishing equipment and fly fishing.
  • Waxworm. The trick is to use them with a good amount of weight to sink underneath. Make sure not to put too much weight to prevent them from anchoring to the bottom part. These baits are most effective when they go downstream at exactly the same rate as the water current.
  • Grass Shrimps. These baits are regarded as the best way to catch rainbow trout, especially on Trout Opening Day. They work effectively in the afternoon considering that the fish can see almost everything. Attach them to your baitholder hook, and watch the trout coming after them.
  • Salmon Eggs. These baits can help you catch plenty of rainbow trouts. Fasten a float to the fishing line and rig the eggs directly below the float. Find the spot where the creek goes into the lake and cast the eggs in the current.

Rainbow Trout Catching Tips

Learn the Best Way to Catch Rainbow Trout2

  • Out of all the fishing tips, efficiency is important. When it comes to catching trouts, you should have the bait and line always ready with you. For higher chances of acquiring bites from the fish, put the fishing line in the water all the time.
  • The best way to catch rainbow trout is never to cast shadows on the area where you are fishing. This colorful fish can be smart, and they tend to steer clear of spots that have shadows.
  • When catching fish, it is more effective to use live lures the natural way. It seems that worm balls fail to catch the attention of the trouts. Go for gang hooks for rainbow trout, because they seem to bite when they think that the lures are natural.
  • The best way to catch rainbow trout is to consider your hands as a contributing factor for the success of the task. For example, if you are smoking, the odor of the cigarette may still linger on your hands. It can quickly drive the fish away. Make sure that you disguise or remove the smell of any foreign compound when fishing for rainbow trouts.

When fishing for those colorful rainbow trouts, there are many things to consider to help you achieve success when you go kayak fishing. Ultimately, the best way to catch rainbow trout is to understand more about these species.