Lifetime 10 Foot Manta Tandem Kayak Review

Lifetime 10 Foot Manta Tandem Kayak Review

Fishing Kayak Review of Lifetime 10 Foot Manta Tandem Kayak

If you are looking for a tandem fishing kayak, this may be the one that suits your needs. While it doesn’t include the fancy, comfort accessories and isn’t as roomy as a high-priced model, it does have appeal for those who only get a chance to get out on the weekend or once a year for summer vacation.  Somehow, the name ‘Manta’ seems misplaced.  “Scootabout” would have been better.

Don’t get the wrong impression, though.  This is not a toy nor is it inadequate to use as a fishing kayak. It’s durable, easy to maneuver, and stable.

It even fits 3 people – or 2 people and a dog. But, more than anything else, it’s a kayak that the entire family can have fun using together or separately during a summer outing.

And, best of all, it’s affordable.

Product Features:

  • Weight capacity 500-pounds
  • Transport weight 60-pounds
  • Length approximately 10-feet
  • Exterior width 36”
  • Padded backrests (2) included
  • Storage in open cargo area forward
  • (2)2-piece paddles included
  • Tunnel hull design for good tracking and turning
  • Sail mast receptacle
  • Cup holder
  • Molded-in ditty tray areas for multiple uses

Product Features That Are Unique

Weigh Capacity:

At only 10-feet long and 33-inches wide, this snappy tandem kayak supports up to 500-pounds. That’s more than enough for a couple of people, poles, gear, snacks and better seats.


Made of hard molded plastic, the Lifetime 10-foot Manta Tandem fishing kayak weighs only 60-pounds. Even a teenager can grab the carry handles at the rear of this kayak and load it either on the top of a car or toss it  – gently, please – in the back of a pick-up or SUV.  It also makes it easy to hang on the side of a tree with bungee cords during the camping trip so that it doesn’t get damaged when not in use.


The bottom of the seats are of the molded plastic and you might want to purchase a padded cushion to sit on.  The seat backs are padded and actually more comfortable than you would expect for a lower-priced kayak.

Other Features Included:

Paddles – Because this tandem fishing yak was designed for the entry-level market and first-time users, Lifetime thoughtfully includes the paddles. Are these the most successful style for paddles? No. But, they are free and if you find that you want to spend a bit more and get at least one that has a curved blade, you’ll save a lot of energy moving the water.

Paddle Cradle – there is a built-in paddle cradle to secure the paddles while you fish or lounge on the water.

Storage consists of the single bungee cord area of the deck. It is just large enough for a milk crate sized container to hold the majority of stuff you want to take with you.  There is a bag that is just exactly this size on Amazon that you might want to check out. (See below)

Accessories for Comfort or Fun:

Foot stops in the well in front of each seat helps give you leverage for paddling.

Beverage holders are in front of each seat and the flatter surfaces work as platforms for cutting bait, making sandwiches or use for a seat for pets or small child.

What Real Users Like:

  1. Price is the first thing all users liked about this tandem kayak
  1. Stability was second and many spoke about how easy it is to stand on when fishing, jump off into the water for swimming and it doesn’t tip when you get back on.
  1. Roominess was the third and how comfortable it was even with three people

What Real Users Complain About:

  1. No dry storage area or hatch and no way to install one
  1. Won’t move fast through water
  1. Standing requires straddling the seats but once up, there is no problem


Accessories You May Want to Consider:

If there is any single item that you need on an sit-on-top fishing kayak, it’s a waterproof ditty bag that can hold plenty of stuff and keep it dry, even if it takes a dunk. For a mere $16, this one meets that criteria and can be used in many other ways when you aren’t on the yak. You can also store soda inside and drop it into the water to keep it cool and handy.

Shoreline Marine Propel Ultimate Kayak Bag is available on Amazon for about fifty bucks.

Shoreline Marine Propel Ultimate Kayak Bag on yak

This bag makes it easy to keep a lot of your stuff handy in a compact container.  It is large enough inside to contain a milk crate if you want to go that route.

You can secure this bag on the bow of the Manta Tandem clipping it to the bungee cords.

GPP® Molded Foam Kayak Seat

GPP® Molded Foam Kayak Seat

If you are planning to be out on the water for more than an hour, invest in this seat for better comfort. For only $32, this unit will save your back and bottom from seizing up.

Is This Fishing Kayak for You?

Are you looking for a kayak that can be used on lakes or ponds?  Do you want to use it for family outings or weekend camping?  Are you over the age of youthful sportiness where jumping into a kayak is not as easy as it once was or have physical difficulties sitting inside a kayak?  Do you want to use your fishing kayak with a buddy or pet?

Is price one of the most important elements in your decision to purchase? Do you want to use it mainly during the summer?

If speed and fancy accessories are not important and you can afford a new cushion or seat, if you plan to be out on the water only a few hours at a time, then the Manta could be the right answer for you.