Ocean Kayak Fishing Accessories That Can Save Your Life

Kayaks are not just boats; they have become part of our lifestyle. Kayaking gives a feeling of adventure, of living life to the fullest, of facing the rough waves and the boundless ocean.

These adventures do, however, turn a bit dangerous. It is, therefore, essential to be aware of the equipment’s that may come to our rescue. These are known as ocean kayak fishing accessories…

Accessories to Save Your Life

[divider]Life Jackets[/divider]

The name says it all. They are what will save your life by keeping you afloat in case a mishap happens. In case you are near the rest of your crew or have some sort of communication equipment, you can be almost assured that you will stay afloat until help arrives. This is more appropriate in the case of ocean kayaks.

Also do not forget to double check that the life jacket fits you appropriately and is not torn or damaged in any other way. It should be short on the torso and hugging the body so that it does not rise up on you in the water.

This will help you attract attention after a mishap in case it happens. You may not be able to shout and neither will the voice travel long distances. If you have a good whistle, chances are that you will be heard from quite a distance.

This is a must if you wish to go kayaking at night. Lights can be fitted onto your deck. This will not only show you the direction but also inform the others about your presence avoiding accidents.

[divider]Rescue Throw Bags[/divider]
These are useful in boat recoveries as well as other recovery efforts. They generally have long plastic ropes attached to them. Make sure you buy one which can be used as a backpack. You would not want to be in the water and realize that you forgot it in the kayak.

[divider]Eye Gear[/divider]
You may wish to purchase certain eye gear and even a nose plug to make sure that if a mishap does happen, you should be able to stay there for long. Eye gear is also used for going underwater, if one is interested in having a look at the underwater flora and fauna.

[divider]Fishing Gear[/divider]
There is nothing more rewarding than to be on ocean kayaks on a sunny day and to go for fishing. There are fishing gears available in many shapes, colors, and sizes to make your experience more memorable.

ocean waves

It is important to sit upright on a kayak. A wrong posture can cause kayaks to capsize. But at the same time, it may be painful to sip upright all day. Backrests provide a good solution. They enable you to sit upright without stressing your back

[divider]Kneepads and Hip Pads[/divider]
Once again the knees and the hips must be constantly touching the kayak. This way body movement is transformed to the kayaks. So it is advisable to have some pads installed so that contact with the kayak does not hurt.

[divider]Paddle Leash[/divider]
Kayak paddles tend to slip away particularly for amateur paddlers. Hence use a leash to tie with the kayak paddles, so that you are not in the middle of water without a paddle.

[divider]Tow Line[/divider]

Tow line serves as important safety equipment. It helps to tow back a fellow kayaker ashore in case they have fallen off their boat.

[divider]Water tablet[/divider]

It is important to have a few water tablets with you. Just in case your stay happens to last longer than you expected, these tablets are quite useful. Keeping water tablets will not occupy too much space on your kayaks either. It can be stored in a first aid kit.

Select the kayak carefully. Even though there are many models to choose from, select one on which you can sit comfortably for reasons of safety and ease of angling. Opt for a paddle considering its size, weight, and construction. If the seat that has come with the package deal does not suit you, discard it and spend a few bucks on a seat that is comfortable.