Old Town Vapor 10 Angler Kayak Review

Old Town Vapor 10 Angler Kayak Review

Fishing Kayak Review of Old Town Vapor 10 Angler

Being a national and international brand for more than a decade, Old Town has learned a lot about what their fishing kayak customers want most. And, they put it all  together in the Vapor 10 Angler to give you just enough but not too much.


Product Features:

  • Weight Capacity 300-pounds
  • Comfort Flex seat and thigh pads
  • Open day well behind the seat
  • Open deck bungee storage on bow
  • Anchor with trolley system
  • Approximately 10-feet long
  • 5” Cockpit width


Product Features That Are Unique

Weigh Capacity:  With the top weight capacity set at 300-pounds, most guys have plenty of weight room left to fill a cooler with lunch, snacks, more snacks and a light dinner if you stay out on the water a little longer than planned.

The average added weight of snacks, drinks, rods, tackle, bait bucket, extra clothes and other standard gear included in this package is approximately 50-pounds for a 4-hour excursion – for one person.

Dimensions: The cockpit dimensions with a 28.5” interior width of the Old Town Vapor 10 Angler allows those who are over 6-feet tall and those a little on the chubby side to sit comfortably in the cockpit without feeling cramped.

One of the main issues that troubles many kayak anglers and their preference for choosing a sit-on-top style vs. the sit-inside style is the fear of being trapped in the yak should it tip over.  The wide opening of this Old Town model removes that fear since your legs are not under the deck but the design still protects you from overspray and wave lapping.


The hard shell polyethylene body with the narrowing hull at the bow acts almost as a skeg piercing the water and cutting the waves as you move. The overall length is 10’and the lift handle at the bow makes it easy to drag in and out of the water.

Seats: The Vapor 10 Angler comes with a Comfort Flex Seat where the back is separated from the seat area but both designed to allow you the flexible comfort you need for paddling and fishing mode. The foot braces are adjustable to suit your height .

One of the many issues anglers have had in the past with sit-inside fishing kayaks is that there thighs hit the inside of the cockpit as they are bringing fish up out of the water. Old Town fixed the issue with thigh pads bracketing the seat making it easier to land even a big one.

Accessories Included:

Anchor and Trolley System: One of the most unique featured accessories that Old Town includes is the anchor with a trolley system so you can remain in your favorite spot with little difficulty.

Cockpit Amenities: These are specifically designed for the fisherman. Start with the molded-in tray that gives you a designated place for cutting bait or making a sandwich (maybe, not at the same time.)  Then, there is the molded-in cup holder at the bow end placed within reach but out of the way of elbows and fishing rods. On the side of the cockpit is a paddle-park for easy access when you’re ready to move to the next spot.

Storage is always an issue in kayak fishing. Besides the pre-created placements for paddles, cups and fishing rods, the large day-well at the stern is conveniently placed right behind the seat and can easily handle a good-sized cooler or kayak bag.  (We have one listed below that you might like.) The bow deck bungee system lets you put a tackle box handy and secured in place so it doesn’t jump off the yak when you least expect.

Skid Plate and Drain Plug – the skid plate makes it easy to get in and out of the yak while the drain plug makes it convenient to empty any water that may collect.

Two Flush Mounted Rod Holders are located just behind the seat and are especially good for trolling.

What Real Users Like:

  1. Quality of construction
  1. Variety of storage options
  1. Large opening cockpit that is big enough for an adult and dog without crowding


What Real Users Complain About:

  1. Difficult to get in and out  for those with flexibility issues


Accessories You May Want to Consider:

Shoreline Marine Propel Ultimate Kayak Bag, Blue

This kayak bag is designed to hold tons of stuff that you’re going to want to keep handy.  The inside is large enough to accept a milk crate if you want to use that to hold larger items.

Is This Fishing Kayak for You?

Most anglers will tell you to go for the sit-on-top style but that’s not always the best choice.  Sit-inside fishing kayaks are not for everyone but they do serve particular purposes.

  • If you fish in colder waters, such as northern lakes or oceans, then having the protection of a sit-inside kayak is a huge benefit.
  • If you prefer a smooth, faster glide over a slower movement, then sit-inside is a good option.

If you have a physical difficulty (like an old body that isn’t as nimble as it used to be), then a sit-inside is probably not a great option for you.

It is just as easy to fish from a sit-inside as it is from a sit-on-top style kayak. Fishing kayaks are not generally designed for sporting or touring— and this one is no different.  It is designed for lakes, rivers and ponds but not recommended for ocean use or rapids.

Because of the mottled coloring, it is difficult for birds and fish to identify as a foreign object.  The Old Town Vapor 10 Angler is great for fishing, hunting and as one of the Amazon users explained, marine photography. The angled bow cuts through waves and weeds in areas where fish love to hide.

The Amazon price is a bargain for those who want a yak for more than summer use.