Powered Fishing Kayak Buyer’s Guide

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Fishing kayaks are loved by a nice bunch of people, but those who are involved in kayaking truly do make it a big portion of their lives.

In recent trends, most anglers are more comfortable with purchasing fishing kayaks with pedals rather than having to use a paddle to move around. Pedal powered fishing kayaks allow you to exercise your legs and give you the ability to hold your rod in your hands and move around while still fighting fish.

Whether you’re a shore-bound fisherman using a kayak to get into the new waters to tackle distant fish, a recreational kayaker or a boat fisherman, fishing kayaks are definitely worth the price and suits just about anyone.

A Fishing Kayak That is The Right One For You

The key note to remember when choosing a fishing kayak is that there is no one size fits all model. It is most important to remember that you need to choose a kayak for your specific needs. Take time to think about what types of fishing you would like to do with your kayak.

For example, will you be navigating through streams or fishing in freshwater ponds? Do you plan on discovering the ocean with your kayak? All these factors will contribute to the type of powered fishing kayak you should get.

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Once you have identified your needs, you will be able to select a few, hand-picked kayaks that speak to your fishing requirements and budget.

Don’t forget, if you’re not certain you can always demo a kayak before buying it – much like how you can test drive a car before buying it.

Basics of a fishing kayak to consider when buying 

  • Propulsion. The bulk of kayaks are propelled with paddle power however pedals are an option on certain fishing kayaks. The new pedal kayaks are a popular choice along with kayaks that are powered by electric motors.
  • Length. Remember the longer the kayak the easier you are able to cover distance. However, remember that the longer your fishing kayaks is the more difficult it is to handle tight spaces.
  • Width. The wider the kayak is the more stable you will be on water; however stability is dependent on a lot more than just the width of your kayak such as weight.
  • Weight. A heavy fishing kayak also feels more stable on the water however you may need a wheeled cart to move it down to where the launch site is.
  • SIK or SOK. You have a choice of sit-on-top kayaks (SOK) or sit-inside kayaks (SIK). Most anglers prefer the SOK version especially for saltwater fishing. They are safer and can roll over without filling up with water. You also get stability when fishing with the SOK option. The SIK option is used more where a lighter-weight kayak is more suitable for your fishing experience. They provide a drier ride than the SOK option.
  • Standing capability. If you need standing capability while you fish, remember to get a wide and stable kayak, allowing you to stand and cast effectively.


It is helpful to take note of the above tips when choosing your new fishing kayak. Remember to always demo a kayak if you are uncertain, and speak to a salesperson should you feel that you are not 100 percent sure of your chosen option.

Choose your favorite powered fishing kayak and take go on an unforgettable adventure!