Tandem Fishing Kayaks For You And Your Friends

Tandem fishing kayaks refer to kayaks that are especially made to fit two people. They have almost the same features and capabilities with single kayaks but are comparably faster. They have longer length and heavier weight. And they are more durable and more stable.

For some people, tandem fishing kayaks do not merely serves as sport equipment but also as means of transportation or emergency vehicle. Getting used to tandem kayaks can be generally harder but by learning the basics of paddling with a partner, it can be done.

An important key is for the partners to have excellent level of communication. If the partners fail to properly communicate with each other, the paddles will move into different directions and keeps hitting each other. Front paddlers are tasked to provide information while rear paddlers are tasked to monitor and adjust the speed and stroke.

Advantages Over Solo Kayaking


Tandem fishing kayak is a preferred option by kayakers because of its advantages over solo kayaking. There is boredom in solo kayaking. Tandem fishing kayak with a friend, a family member or a loved one is more pleasing and worth it. Tandem kayaking also proves beneficial especially for kids. You can gradually teach your children about the sport, nature or the value of teamwork through tandem kayaking.

It is not a problem if kids do not know how to paddle because they can just sit back and relax while you do the paddling. It is not only that kids are allowed to enjoy tandem kayak, pets are also allowed to experience it. Most tandem kayaks have removable seats in which your pets can use for sitting or lying down comfortably. Tandem fishing kayaks are also great tool for beginners who are still learning the sport. You can confidently ride the kayak because there is someone that can help and you.

However, in choosing tandem fishing kayaks, you need to consider certain factors such as

  • weight
  • controlling capability

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Tandem kayaks are generally heavy so it is highly recommended to get one that is made up of lighter materials. Shorter tandem kayaks also have lighter weight compared to the lengthy ones.  Since tandem kayaks are relatively longer than solo kayaks, they are more difficult to maneuver.

Choosing an easy-to-move tandem kayak will be very beneficial for you and your partner. A tandem kayak feature called rudder is very useful in controlling the tandem kayak easily. Take into consideration your purpose and requirements when choosing a tandem kayak.

If you plan to use it with a kid, choose a kayak with shallow cockpits that allow the kid to paddle at ease. A more stable tandem kayak works great for partners without kayak experience and is still learning.

Of course, tandem fishing kayaks also have their downside. As it has been mentioned, they are fairly heavy. They are difficult to transport because two people cannot simply lift them up and they cannot easily fit a car’s top.  They are also difficult to store because of their length. However, to avoid these negative aspects, choose an inflatable tandem fishing kayak.