How to Choose The Best Fishing Kayak Gear?

Kayak fishing is a sport and an occupation that is gaining great popularity in the modern world.

After purchasing a kayak, the next challenge is finding out the other accessories required for kayak fishing. It’s a puzzle that gets battled by many, and everyone is entitled to their opinion about the same.

Below is the best fishing kayak gear I found, after consulting a few experts and examining different gears used for kayak fishing . There is in no way that my list could be exhaustive, so anyone is free to add their suggestions.

The Best Gear

Kayak King Salmon

1. Paddle

This is essential in propelling the kayak. Anyone who has experienced slipping a paddle overboard will tell you that hand paddling is not an easy task. Make sure you test a few paddles before purchasing one.

2. Pfd

A PFD is essential for your does not have to be at the top of the line. Just ensure that it is comfortable to wear.

3. A Whistle

This is a required safety accessory. Always carry with you a powerful signaling device along with your PFD. It helps at times when you get separated from your boat. Some people opt to use an air horn.

4. Waterproof Flashlight or a Headlamp

At times when you fish late into the night, a good flashlight helps warn and signal other vessels to navigate at a reasonable range and notify them of your presence. White light is recommended for timely display to avoid collisions at night. If you intend to stay out after dark, a light pole is essential for you.

5. Survival First Aid Kit

A simple medical kit placed in a waterproof container could end up protecting your life in the water. Why not carry it? After all, it is easy to store and light to carry.

6. Waterproof Bags

You will eventually end up getting into the water, so it is advisable to carry a waterproof bag for your phone, keys, wallets and other critical things. Good food containers also work too.

7. A Permit Fishing License

Acquire a permit or a fishing license to avoid landing on the wrong side of the law. Keep it at close and safe proximity. Always pay close attention to the regulations.

8. Float Plan

Always inform someone where you are fishing, and the expected time of return. This is in preparation for the worst and the unknown.

9. Food and Water

In the case of a long trip or you are the type that like eating now and then, always carry “fuel” to avoid starvation. After all, we all need energy for every activity.

10. Proper Attire

Always carry with you appropriate attire matched with the weather conditions. Wears recommended include:

  • Neck gaiter
  • Sunglasses
  • Waders
  • Hats

Just to mention but a few. Poor planning in this department can ruin a kayak fishing experience.

11. Waterproof VHF Radio

It is fundamental to realizing that cell phones do not function everywhere. It is therefore recommended to have a direct connection with emergency services. A waterproof VHF radio may also be used to chat with fishing mates when bored.


12. A knife.

If you are using an anchor, carrying a knife is not optional. You may end up getting stuck and need to cut some lines to avoid swamping.

13. Fish Bags.

You should have some means to keep the fish fresh. The bag can be loaded with ice to maintain the fish cool.

All these accessories for Kayak fishing are essential in having the best fishing experience. Get them before indulging in anything else to avoid adverse occurrences in the water and If you still haven't made up your mind which fishing kayak is the best for you, then head to our Ultimate guide to fishing kayaks, it will help you to choose the right one.