8 Common Types of Kayaks and Their Uses You Need to Know

8 Common Types of Kayaks and Their Uses You Need to Know 1

When you are going to choose a kayak for the first time, it might be a little overwhelming. You might choose depending on what looks good but choosing the best kayak for you requires more than just looking at its appearance. There are various types of kayaks available in the market that choosing the ideal one can be a little tricky.

To help with your choice, here are 8 of the most common types of kayaks and their uses. You can choose depending on the water activity you are using your kayak for.

Recreational Kayaks

When it comes to the types of kayaks and their uses, the recreational kayaks are considered to be the core and is also an ideal type of kayak for beginner paddlers. This kind of kayak is what you usually see in local parks, rental fleets, and on the shore of most lake homes.

Recreational kayaks are wide and stable which make them perfect even for people with no paddling experience.

Touring Kayaks

Next is the touring kayak. It is ideal for use in protected bodies of water, similar to recreational kayaks. However, it is not recommended for use for beginner paddlers.

Touring kayaks are designed for serious paddlers to be used for longer periods of time. They are built long and can track water very well. Touring kayaks have a sealed bulkhead, the one behind the paddler. The other bulkhead, in the bow area, is not sealed.

Whitewater Kayaks

Whitewater kayaks or what are also often called racing kayaks are specifically designed for sporting activities which are usually under extreme water conditions. When it comes to choosing between types of kayaks and their uses, this one is built with stiffer and harder shell compared to other kayak types. It allows the whitewater kayaks to move faster on the surface of the water while still being scratch resistant.

Whitewater kayaks are designed to be excellent when it comes to maneuverability. They are short at about 8 to 9 feet long with rounded hulls.

Sea Kayaks

8 Common Types of Kayaks and Their Uses You Need to Know

Of all the different types of kayaks and their uses, the sea kayaks are designed for stability and speed, and they are ideal for use in the ocean where you are going to deal with countless waves. It has a flat hull, hard chines, and is usually a long type of kayak.

Because of these features, sea kayaks are less maneuverable compared to whitewater kayaks. However, they are faster and even more stable than other kayak types.

Surf Kayaks

In the types of kayaks and their uses, surf kayaks are quite similar to sea kayaks since they are both designed to be used in saltwater kayaking. However, surf kayaks have an additional feature that deals with the waves. They have fin clusters that are similar to what you can find in surfboards and these cut across water instead of the hull in traditional kayaks.

Surf kayaks are also designed with a flat bottom and hard edges.

Fishing Kayaks

When it comes to the common types of kayaks and their uses, fishing kayaks are more like the kayak version of motorboats or fishing boats. However, they are low maintenance and a little cheaper. This type of kayak is ideally used for recreational fishing because of its broad beams that add to the kayak’s lateral stability. This feature decreases the chance of the fishing kayak to capsize.

Fishing kayaks are built for stability in kayaking. They also allow for options to increase the kayak’s stability even more like adding outriggers on either side of the kayak to increase its surface area that is in contact with the water.

Sit on Top Kayaks

8 Common Types of Kayaks and Their Uses You Need to Know 2

From all the types of kayaks and their uses, the sit on top kayaks are considered to be the modern counterpart of the traditional kayaks with closed deck. Sit on top kayaks have open decks which are ideal for use in warm climates. This type of kayak is considered the safest when it comes to possible tipping over since it is easy to get on and out of it because of its open design.

Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable kayaks are way more different compared to the traditional types of kayaks which are made of hard shell. Inflatable kayaks only need to be pumped up. You then clip on the rudder, bring your kayak paddle, and you are set to go. It also eliminates the bulk of a hard shell kayak when it comes to storage and transport. It can be easily packed and is lightweight when deflated.

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