8 Kayak Fishing Tips and Tricks to Master for Your Next Trip

8 Kayak Fishing Tips and Tricks to Master for Your Next Trip

Aside from having the best kayak and fishing essentials and gears, knowing a few kayak fishing tips and tricks can surely help make your kayak fishing trip more successful and enjoyable. Here are some tips and tricks that you might find useful for your next boating adventure.

Master Casting One Handed

People who are used to fishing from a stable deck on a boat or from the bank usually use two hands when casting. It adds power to casting and will allow you to throw farther. Casting with two hands also allows you to throw accurately compared to when you cast using just one hand.

However, when you are kayak fishing in open water like the ocean where you deal with the waves, one of the useful kayak fishing tips and tricks is mastering how to cast using just one hand. It will allow you to cast while getting busy with other things to do in your kayak like paddling.

Master the Art of One-Hand Paddling

Just like mastering how to throw a cast using just one hand, another one of the kayak fishing tips and tricks you have to master is the art of one hand paddling. While you can use two hands when paddling as you go out into the water to find a good spot to fish, there will be a time when only one of your hands is available for paddling. When that time comes, it is always useful to get your skills ready.

Aside from knowing how to paddle, one-hand paddling is one of the many kayak fishing tips and tricks that comes in handy when you have already thrown your cast but need to paddle into a new spot or keep moving just like when trolling for fish.

When Feeling Tippy, Straddle

Balance and stability are necessary for a kayak to stay afloat on the right side. Stability can be a little tricky to maintain especially if you are using a narrow kind of kayak that creates a lot of movements.

Loss of stability on you kayak might cause your kayak, and you, to tip over. One of the easiest kayak fishing tips and tricks when you are feeling a little tippy is to drop your legs into the water and straddle your kayak. It will lower the center of your gravity and will increase the stability of the kayak.

8 Kayak Fishing Tips and Tricks to Master for Your Next Trip

Learn to Customize Your Kayak

Aside from just owning the best kayak for your fishing trip, one of the kayak fishing tips and tricks that you might find useful is learning how to customize your kayak to ensure that you will have nothing but comfort during your entire trip.

You can install a comfortable backrest, paddle leash, rod holders, anchor, and additional storage for all your gears and essentials.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

Particularly for beginners, an essential tip for successful kayak fishing would be never to hesitate to ask for help from those who know all about kayak fishing. Attend some kayaking classes if you need to. Remember that every kayaking pro started as a beginner and it is safe to venture out in an activity when you have the skills and knowledge to do it right.

Transporting Kayak Tips

So, you need to transport your kayak. One of the kayak fishing tips and tricks you might find useful is having big foam noodles or foam car top carriers to use as a cushion when transporting your kayak. This will make sure that the surface of your kayak won’t be harmed in any way during transport. It usually features a hole at the center where you can insert a rope to help secure your kayak.

Kayak Drifting Tricks

Paddling a kayak is common kayaking knowledge. It is easy to learn and will help you go to where you want to go. However, you might also want to consider drifting. It is a kayak fishing trick that will help you locate fish. You can also easily control your drift direction with just a little paddling from left to right.

8 Kayak Fishing Tips and Tricks to Master for Your Next Trip 1

Kayak Fishing with Strong Wind

When there is a strong wind, the water will most probably be rough. This might be a reason for your kayak to tip over. While this water condition might just be easy for an experienced kayaker to paddle around, the best kayak fishing tip for beginners for this kind of situation is to prevent the waves from catching your kayak broadside. Keep the bow or the stern directed to the waves, so it won't cause your kayak to overturn.

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