9 Useful Tips About Kayak Fishing in the Ocean

9 Useful Tips About Kayak Fishing in the Ocean

When you are kayak fishing in the ocean or open water, you will need a set of kayak fishing gears and equipment appropriate for fishing in saltwater. It might be a little different from the fishing materials you usually use for kayak fishing in a river, lake, or any freshwater. This is because you are going to deal with wide, open water and more currents or waves.

Use these tips for kayak fishing in the ocean to help yourself be ready for an ocean kayaking trip.

Choose the Right Kayak for the Ocean

There are a lot of types of kayaks. They also come in different lengths and widths. When you are kayak fishing in the ocean, you will need a fishing kayak that is heavier and longer compared to typical kayaks used in freshwater.

A larger kayak can offer more stability which you are going to need when you are kayak fishing in the ocean and have to deal with the tides. It is perfect for having enough storage space for all your equipment and necessities. It is also recommended to try the kayak yourself before you buy it to make sure that it’s the ideal one for you.

Choose the Ideal Kayak Paddle

Kayak paddles also come in different sizes and design. From the several types of kayak paddles you can find on the market, you might want to consider a lightweight kayak paddle for when you are going kayak fishing in the ocean or open water. It will lessen the possibility of you experiencing body fatigue from constant paddling.

It is also recommended to choose a kayak paddle that has a bent shaft. This type of paddle can easily rest on your lap, and the blades won’t get in the way when you have to cast.

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Bring the Right Fishing Gears

The primary fishing gears you use when you are kayak fishing in the ocean are different compared to when you are fishing in the river. The ideal fishing rods to use when kayak fishing in saltwater are typically heavier and longer since these should have enough power whenever you happen to catch a large fish in the ocean.

The fishing lines used in saltwater fishing are also different compared to the ones used in freshwater fishing. When you fish in the ocean, the ideal fishing line should be lesser in diameter than the typical lines used in freshwater fishing and should be higher in density.

Bring a GPS

When you are kayak fishing in the ocean, you are dealing with a very wide open water. It is essential to know where your fishing ground is. Losing the sense of direction might happen if you are in open water. This is why having a GPS or a navigation equipment with you might be very helpful.

Mark the fishing location you have chosen as well as the exact location back to the coast so you can easily find your way back.

Bring a Draining Storage Crate

When you go fishing in the ocean, you will need a storage container for your catch. It is better to choose a free-draining storage crate compared to one with solid sides. It can be very convenient to use and having water on it will not cause any problem.

Don’t Forget UV Protection Gears

One of the considerations when you go kayak fishing in open water is the effect of the sun on the skin and the eyes. It is always important to bring a few UV protection gears with you before you venture out into the open sea.

Bring sunglasses, sunscreen, and a wide-brimmed hat. You can also make sure that the fishing clothing you are going to use can cover the parts of your body well to avoid the dangers of sunburn.

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Bring Safety Gears

No matter how good of a swimmer you are, safety gears such as a personal floatation device should be something that you should not forget. You should also consider bringing an emergency whistle, VHF radio, reflective mirror, and a handy knife or multi-tool with you just in case.

Listen to the Forecast Before Leaving

Before you go kayak fishing in open waters, it is advisable to listen to the weather forecast. It will get you ready for what you are going to be dealing with in the ocean. You can also leave you VHF radio switched on for regular weather updates.

Keeping your eye on the weather will help you stay safe whenever there are extreme weather conditions.

Understand the Tides

Knowing the tides can be very helpful e if you are fishing in the ocean since it can affect your fish catching as well as your safety.

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