About Us

Hello everyone and welcome to our website.

Jeff Mandel kayak fishingMy name is Jeff Mandel from Houston, TX. I have been kayak fishing, canoe fishing and fishing in general for all my life, so I think I know a thing or two about fishing kayaks and about fishing.

You might be wondering how an old fart like me have a website, right? Well, this is the 21st century guys and you can mainly blame it on my little ones, they have been the brain for the website and I’m the brain for the kayak and the fishing part.

My son Kevin is the brain behind the website, we have been fishing together ever since he could pretty much walk and now he is in his late teens and you know as parents, this technology thing is taking over our kids nowadays, right?

Me and Kevin fishingHere is a picture of me and Kevin almost 10 years ago in Minnesota, oh boy how time flies, I almost get emotional looking at these old pictures we have on the PC. Actually I will add a few images below about our fishing highlights.

Well anyway, so Kevin got us started and after all this kind of made sense and it’s a natural match for all of us to share our knowledge and maybe even make some retirement money for me and the Mrs.

My dad kayak fishingI have been kayak fishing as long as I remember, and on the left you can see my dad doing the same…so the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree.

Our whole family simply loves being outside in the nature, swimming in the lakes, rivers, fishing and camping, we just simply love everything about nature.



Here are some pictures of our MN camping trip:

OK, so, that’s enough of us, I truly hope this site will be Your one-stop shop for everything related to kayak fishing and who knows if everything goes well, we will expand the website to include more categories and products. We’ll see how it goes and it all depends on you guys, I really hope I can help You and that You find the website beneficial.

If you have any questions, I try to answer them all, but please bear with me if I take time to answer

I thank you very much for visiting our website and I look forward to your feedback.

Jeff & Kevin Mandel

& the Family