Complete Guide on the Basic Kayak Fishing Checklist

Complete Guide on the Basic Kayak Fishing Checklist

Kayak fishing is a fun outdoor activity that you can enjoy alone or with a couple of family members and friends. When you are planning to have this kind of outdoor adventure, the first thing you need to make is your basic kayak fishing checklist. It should list all the essential things that will make your kayaking trip fun and convenient.

A checklist will help you make sure that you have covered all the bases and won’t end up forgetting something important when you are trying to prepare to do kayak fishing.

A checklist includes all the essentials for kayak fishing. However, you can also add a few things that you think will make your fishing experience more comfortable and memorable.


When you go kayak fishing, your number one equipment should be on top of your kayak fishing checklist, and this is the kayak itself.

There are different types and designs of kayak you can choose from. Make sure to choose what is best for the kind of adventure you are probably going to do. For a fishing kayak, you might want to consider something that has enough storage for your fishing gears and other things you need to bring.

Kayak Paddle

A kayak is pretty useless without a kayak paddle, so it should be included in your kayak fishing checklist.

Kayak paddles come in various lengths. Choosing the ideal length of the kayak paddle will depend on your torso length, the design of your kayak, and your paddling technique. You might also want to consider a light kayak paddle to prevent body fatigue after paddling for a long time.

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Fishing Gear

The primary purpose of this outdoor trip is to go fishing, thus, forgetting your fishing gear is never an option. Include a complete set of fishing gears in your kayak fishing checklist.

You will need a set of fishing rod and reel as well as baits and lures. For the bait, there are several things you can choose from such as worms, sardines, or shrimp.

Since a kayak doesn’t have room for everything, pack your fishing gear accordingly. Include only the things you will most likely need. If you have an idea of what type of fish you are probably going to catch, only bring the kind of bait that this kind of fish eats.

Safety Gears

Even if you are a pro in swimming, including some safety gears in your kayak fishing checklist never hurts. Safety equipment for fishing trips can include a personal flotation device, waterproof radio, signal mirror, visibility flag, knife, flashlight, an extra length of rope, whistle, and sun protection.


You cannot be sure of the weather during your entire kayak fishing trip. It is safer to bring a kayak anchor with you in case there are strong winds or light current. It can help keep you in position while you do your fishing.


Another thing you can add to your kayak fishing checklist is your sunglasses. The glare of the sun will probably keep you squinting all throughout your fishing trip, and this will prevent you from enjoying what you are set out to do. Aside from the sunglasses, you might also want to bring a hat and neck gaiter for sun protection.

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A cooler is not just a place where you can pack your drinks and food for the trip; you will also need this to keep the fish you caught fresh. If a cooler is too big for you to carry, you can also choose to add a fish bag in your kayak fishing checklist instead. When you bring a cooler with you, don’t forget to bring the ice with it.

Fishing License

Carrying a fishing license is a common fishing must-have or must-bring. It will depend on the state. However, it will be more convenient to take it with you in the first place than being stopped by the Fish and Wildlife from doing your kayak fishing.


A camera is something you probably don’t want missing from your kayak fishing equipment. You can use this to visually record your whole fishing trip, all the mishaps, and the fish you catch. There might be moments in your fishing adventure that you want to relive and having a record of everything will help you do that.

This checklist of kayak fishing essentials will help you prepare efficiently for your kayak fishing trip and make sure that you get the best adventure you can. Don’t hesitate to read articles about fishing and kayaking tips and guidelines that are published on our website here.