Complete List of What to Wear When Kayaking

Complete List of What to Wear When Kayaking

When you go for a kayak fishing trip, you have to have the right clothing for your planned activity. Choosing your kayak garment will depend on the weather condition during your kayaking trip. The right clothes will not just keep your body protected from all weather conditions you might be facing during your trip; they will also keep you safe and ensure that you enjoy kayaking.

Here is a list of what to wear when kayaking, no matter the weather condition. Choose the one and a couple of others necessary for your boating trip.

Personal Floatation Device

In the list of what to wear when kayaking, the personal floatation device (PFD) or a life jacket should never be forgotten. It is a must-have accessory for kayak fishing to ensure your safety when you happen to capsize. Kayakers are advised to use a PFD no matter how strong a swimmer he is.


A wetsuit is what to wear when kayaking during cold weathers. It can keep your body warm as well as protect you from abrasions. Wetsuits also help when it comes to buoyancy when you capsize.

There are thick kinds of wetsuits, and it is important to try it before buying to make sure that it is comfortable. This is because most thick wetsuits can restrain movements.


While wetsuits are ideal for cold waters, the dry suit is what to wear when kayaking on the icy cold water. It is what you can wear when a wetsuit just won’t do anymore. Drysuits are specifically designed to keep water from getting in contact with your skin.

Drysuits have waterproof membranes. Aside from keeping the water from getting inside, they are also excellent insulators which make them great during winter.

Thermal Clothing

If a wetsuit or drysuit are neither your choices, the next choice of what to wear when kayaking during cold weather is thermal clothing. It is made with high-quality insulating layers of fabric that cling to the body nicely. If you are looking for thermal clothing for kayaking, you should avoid those that fit loosely and fabrics that retain moisture like cotton.

Waterproof Jackets

Complete List of What to Wear When Kayaking

The best thing among what to wear when kayaking to keep yourself warm and dry during cold weather conditions is a waterproof jacket. It is usually not bulky and won’t restrict your movements especially when paddling. Waterproof jackets are excellent in insulating your body and keeping you dry during your entire kayaking trip.


Some comfortable boots or light hiking sneakers is what to wear when kayaking. When you are ocean kayaking and will most likely get wet with all the splashes of waves, you might want to consider investing in a pair of neoprene boots.

Waterproof Socks

A cold and damp foot is uncomfortable. Wear waterproof socks when you go kayaking. It doesn't just keep your feet warm and insulated; it will also keep them dry which you will surely appreciate especially during winter.

Waterproof Waist Pack

A waterproof waist pack is an additional accessory to wear when going kayaking. Although it is not exactly a necessity, it can be useful to protect your gadgets such as your smartphone including your keys and cards from being wet or soaked when you capsize.


When you go kayaking, it is important to be comfortable even in cold weather. Chilly hands just won’t do. This is especially true when you are going kayak fishing where you need your hands efficiently and not shaking from cold. Keep them warm and insulated with gloves.

Polypropylene gloves are excellent for wet use. It also dries quickly, but you might also need a pair of thermal gloves, too.

Thermal Headgear

Aside from keeping your whole body warm and comfortable, a necessary clothing for kayaking is a headgear. It can be a protection from the heat of the sun during warm weather. Thermal headgears can also protect you from the cold and chills when kayaking during winter.

Sun hat

Complete List of What to Wear When Kayaking 1

A sun hat is an excellent face protection from the heat of the sun which is extreme when you go kayaking in open waters.


Aside from a sunhat, as a general protection from the sun, sunglasses are a must-have when kayaking. They serve as protection eyes from the glare of the sun so that you won't be squinting all throughout your kayaking trip.

Spray Skirts

If you are using the traditional sit inside kayak, a spray skirt is something you should consider. It can help keep the cold water from flashing and going inside the kayak and will also keep the hot air in to keep your lower body warm.

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