Fishing 101: How to Choose Kayak Fishing Clothing

Fishing 101 - How to Choose Kayak Fishing Clothing 1

Kayak fishing is one of the great fishing adventures you can enjoy by yourself or with a couple of friends. Whether it is during a hot summer season or a cold winter day, you can still enjoy kayak fishing. It will only differ in the choice of kayak fishing clothing.

The ideal clothing will depend on the weather and climate there is when you are going to fish. Choosing the right kayak fishing clothing will give you enough comfort in order for you to concentrate on the fishing adventure no matter the weather.

The first thing to consider when you are choosing your kayak fishing clothing is the weather condition.

What to Wear During Warm Weather

During the summer season, one of the considerations in outdoor activities is the harmful effects that the sun can cause on the skin as well as the eyes. While it is common to wear shorts and bathing suits during this season, these give you excessive sun exposure which is why they are not advisable to wear when you are going kayak fishing.

It is recommended to choose long sleeve shirts and long pants as your kayak fishing clothing during this season.

Aside from the shirts and pants, there are other useful kayak fishing clothing accessories such as sunglasses and hats. There are also buffs that work well in covering most of the face from the sun. Gloves can also be used as sun protection for the hands.

Fishing 101 - How to Choose Kayak Fishing Clothing 2

What to Wear During Cold Weather

The primary consideration in choosing kayak fishing clothing for cold weather or during the winter season is the risk of hypothermia. This is why it is critical to select the right fishing garments for this season.

You need a sufficient amount of clothing that can keep you warm while kayak fishing during cold weather. The ideal fishing clothing for this type of weather is a full dry suit, a continuous layer of fabric that covers you from the neck to feet. It is also waterproof. This kind of full body suit usually features a rubber gasket or snug latex in the openings.

Another ideal fishing garment for cold weather is a combination of a dry top and dry pants. This winter fishing clothing is easier to put on as well as take off compared to the full dry suit.

Aside from your choice of winter fishing clothing, you will also need a pair of gloves and a warm hat.

What to Wear During Seasons Between Summer and Winter

For cool weather or during the spring and autumn season, you can now strip off the extra layer of protection you wore during the winter or add a few layers from what you wore during the summer season.

You can use lightweight dry suits or a warm fishing shirt and waterproof rain pants. You can also add a waterproof jacket.

Fishing 101: How to Choose Kayak Fishing Clothing

Choosing the Right Fabric

The kayak fishing clothing comes in a variety of materials. The ideal fabric of the kayak fishing garment will both depend on the weather condition and the personal preference of the paddler.

  • Waterproof and Windproof Fabrics

Fishing clothes made from waterproof and windproof fabrics are best used during the winter season or cooler conditions where it is most likely to rain. These types of fabrics include PVC fabrics, PVC coated fabrics, Gore-Tex, and fabrics with polyurethane coatings.

  • Cotton Fabric

Fishing clothing made from cotton is ideal for chilly mornings. They can effectively keep you warm, however, once it is wet, it takes a long time to dry and can be a little uncomfortable. Cotton fabrics also fade and shrink after some time.

  • Nylon Fabric

Nylon fabric and other synthetic fabric blends are wrinkle-resistant, lightweight, and dry quickly compared to cotton-based fabrics. These are the types of fabrics that are comfortable to wear because of their softness. Polyester fabric also has similar properties to these fabric types but is not just as strong as the nylon fabric.

  • Fleece

Fleece is ideal for a kayak fishing garment because of its waterproof and wind-resistant properties. It is also lightweight and comfortable to wear. Fleece has quick drying properties, making it an ideal choice for fabric layering in fishing garments that can accommodate climate changes.

  • Supplex

Supplex is considered to be a state-of-the-art material. It is a soft and lightweight nylon-based material. It resembles cotton but with nylon’s strength and durability. Supplex is also wind, tear, and odor resistant, and it won’t wrinkle, shrink, or fade over time. It is the kind of fabric that is waterproof but is still lightweight and breathable.

Choosing the ideal fishing garment when you go on a kayak fishing adventure will ensure your comfort as well as safety during the entire trip. Read some articles on our website to serve as additional fishing and kayaking guidelines.