Ocean Kayak Fishing Accessories to Bring on Your Next Trip

Ocean Kayak Fishing Accessories to Bring on Your Next Trip 2

While a kayak, a paddle, and your fishing gears might be enough to have a go on your offshore kayak fishing trip, you will need a few extra ocean kayak fishing accessories to add comfort and versatility to your kayak as well as your fishing trip.

Here are several of the ocean kayak fishing accessories you might probably want to bring with you on your next offshore kayak fishing trip.

Accessories to Bring When Kayak Fishing in the Ocean

A few additional ocean fishing kayak accessories to bring along with your fishing rod and reel will make offshore kayak fishing more comfortable and convenient.

  • Rod Holder

Having rod holders when you go ocean kayak fishing can be convenient especially if you have something to do while you wait to catch fish. Having something that can hold your fishing rod is also one of the useful ocean kayak fishing accessories for trolling fishing or when you are dealing with rough water conditions and have to use both hands to paddle.

  • Fish Finder

The fish finder is going to be one of the must-have ocean kayak fishing accessories especially if you usually get your bait from the ocean. There are several reasons to use a fish finder such as helping you quickly locate baits and particular species of fish you want to catch.

  • Anchor

An anchor is one of the essential ocean kayak fishing accessories you need to bring with you. It can be helpful when you have to keep your kayak in one place after you have found the best place to catch a fish. This is especially useful in the ocean where the tide is probably going to push you in another direction.

Ocean Kayak Fishing Accessories to Bring on Your Next Trip

Ocean Kayak Fishing Safety Gears

Fishing safety is an essential factor you have to take into account when you go kayak fishing, especially in the ocean where you will be far from effective help when an emergency arises.

  • PFD

A personal floatation device (PFD) or a life vest is one of the ocean kayak fishing accessories you should never forget to bring and wear when you go offshore kayak fishing. It is a must-have for ocean kayak fishing no matter how strong of a swimmer you might be.

  • VHF Radio

Going kayak fishing in the ocean will take you farther away from land, and when you are in an emergency, it is useful to have a communication device with you that you can use to ask for help. It can also be helpful to keep track of weather updates when you are offshore.

Aside from a marine VHF radio, you can also bring with you a couple of signaling kits that you can use in case of emergency.

  • First Aid Kit

In kayak fishing, you will most likely be dealing with sharp and pointed things like a knife, hooks, and the fish itself. It is convenient to have the basic first aid kit for these kinds of emergencies.

  • Fishing Rod and Paddle Leash

A leash for your fishing rod and paddle helps in keeping the important gears for your trip within your reach and attached to your kayak. You will need this, especially in the ocean because the tide can wash them away from you.

Ocean Kayak Fishing Clothing

Ocean Kayak Fishing Accessories to Bring on Your Next Trip 1

Appropriate clothing is one of the important ocean kayak fishing accessories to be taken into account to keep yourself protected from whatever weather condition you are going to face in the ocean.

  • Hat, Sunglasses, Sunscreen

During warm weather, one of the essential ocean kayak fishing gears you should never forget to bring with you are a couple of items for sun protection. It can be a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, or all of them.

Keeping yourself protected from the heat of the sun will give you more comfort to enjoy your fishing.

  • Paddle Jacket/ Dry Top

When you go ocean kayak fishing, you are most likely to get wet especially with the waves hitting and splashing into your kayak. You can use a dry top or a paddle jacket to keep you dry all throughout you fishing trip.

Just remember that a dry top or a paddle jacket will only keep you dry when the bottom half of your body is sealed inside the cockpit of your kayak.

  • Wet or Dry Suit

You can use either a wet or dry suit when you go offshore kayak fishing. The only thing you have to remember is to choose your fishing garment depending on the weather condition.

If it is warm, you will need fishing clothing that can protect you from the sun. However, if you are going ocean kayak fishing during cold weather, you will need layers of clothing to keep you warm and away from hypothermia.

  • Gloves

Gloves can be useful to keep your hands warm when you are ocean kayak fishing during winter. It can also help protect your palms when handling sharp things like hooks and fish.

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